How TimeSplitters is the Game We Need to be Rebooted.

The gaming world is full of original ideas and games but remasters and reboots are huge in the last couple of years. Remastering games that are older can be great. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is the prime example of taking a game to make is look up to the standards we have today for graphics. Overall gameplay remained, and the game went on to be a huge success. This brings gamers a beloved game back into their lives without any out-of-date graphics. Reboots have been a big part of the last few years too. Recently Doom came out and was beloved by just about everyone, myself included. The game looked beautiful and played wonderfully. Young people like myself did not play the original games. Taking the premise and making a modern day FPS with the Doom license worked out tremendously. The discussion about what should be remastered or entirely rebooted is everywhere in the gaming community. What I want the most is a TimeSplitters reboot, and I am going to go into why this is the best idea.

TimeSplitters is a sci-fi, action, comedy, FPS. Many themes make it so different from any other shooter out there. I have admittedly only played the last game, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. This conclusion to that trilogy was excellent. It caught up newcomers on the story and had one of the best multiplayer experiences I have had. The last game was made in 2005 and has been silent ever since, for the most part. A fan remake has been in the making since 2013 called TimeSplitters Rewind. After some issues, the project recently got mentioned to be still in the making. Some great progress has come, and if it does well enough, we might be able to see another game in the future.

The story is full of colorful characters, unique levels, and a diverse amount of weapons to try out. The final entry has one of the most horrifying levels I have ever experienced in a video game. Yet, the game is full of humor that lightens the tone of the game. There is a perfect mix of horror, sci-fi, action, and comedy that works together perfectly. Where this game can be a hit if rebooted is not in the campaign but in the multiplayer.

Playing this game with my friends and adding bots to the game created some unique matchups. Zombies could be fighting robot and ninja monkeys, gingerbread men can fight off a team of humans, and so many more awesome combinations. Since using bots for multiplayer is not used anymore, this can be used for who the players can choose to play as. Having a variety of characters to choose from and possible customization options can lead to so many possibilities for the players. The number of weapons will create so many options for play styles and opportunities to try out something different.

The third and final entry to the TimeSplitters games is one of the favorite games of all time.  Story and multiplayer are both a blast for so many reasons. I think if the rewind goes well, Crytek might allow a full game to be made. A fresh new start for the series and the genre will be healthy for all parties involved. If you could choose any older game, what would you like to see as a reboot?

Image via Crytek


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