Song Impression: Jonathan Davis – What It Is

Jonathan Davis has finally debuted the first single off of his upcoming solo album. The new song, What It Is, is a chilling track caught me by surprise since I knew of his upcoming solo project, but was not following it in particular.

The song’s verses are filled with drums and a piano that makes for a beautiful and chilling tone. Jonathan’s voice comes in and elevates this feeling even more. With a more powerful chorus that still has some elements from the verse. The guitar comes in to fill the gaps for a heavier sound but does not add a whole lot overall. The song has an orchestral style that makes everything feel huge, which is precisely what you would expect from Jonathan Davis. There is a hint of industrial mixed in too. Everything is different from his work in Korn but is familiar enough to make it easy for fans to dive into this song.

Lyrically speaking, there is a lot of emotion. Anguish and internal conflict are felt from Jonathan’s vocals and lyrics. “I have done everything, everything. Not to feel what it is I’m feeling.” There is a nice variety of lyrics that flesh out what is being said and not being too repetitive. The glimpse into what is going on in Jonathan’s heart and mind is powerful.

Vocally, if you love Jonathan’s style, then you will love this song. His eloquent way of singing grabs you right away. His melody carries throughout every second most beautiful. Everything with the instrumentation and vocals come together for a powerful and beautiful song that is a notable standout from other rock music currently coming out lately.

Besides feeling that the guitar work is not that strong, everything else in the song is superb. I can not wait for his solo album to hit this summer. What do you think and are you excited about his upcoming solo album? Give it a listen below:


Buy the song here:

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