Quick News: Doom Guy Plus Wolfenstein, Red Dead Redemption Release Date, Possible Spider-Man PS4 Date, and more.

Some news is too short to have a full article. I have decided to try something new and give you all a few quick updates about what is going on in movies, music, or video games. Here we have a few video game updates that have come up in the last few days.

  • id Software co-founder Tom Hall along with id Software designer John Romero who both recently confirmed on Twitter that DOOM protagonist Doom Guy, Commander Keen, and Wolfenstein protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz are all related. This is an excellent bit of information that will change our views while playing these games. Now maybe we can get a crossover between DOOM and WolfensteinDoom guy.png
  • The wait for Red Dead Redemption 2 was so close. Rockstar has said in the last trailer that it is coming Spring 2018. Turns out Spring has turned into October. Today they have announced via Twitter that the game will come out October 26th. It is not the date anyone wanted, but we finally have a solid date. Let us hope that this time frame sticks.RDR2 confirm
  • Take this next story with a grain of salt, but we might have a release date for Insomniac’s upcoming game Spider-Man. A retailer from Denmark called CoolShop has leaked a September 28, 2018, release date. What makes this interesting is the fact that CoolShop has correctly leaked a game’s release date before such as GTA V.
  • Anthem has been delayed to a 2019 release date. This is not a surprise since the game was announced not that long ago along with some issues lately with EA titles. They probably want to take all the time possible to make sure that BioWare nails this game. Plus the game gets more room for itself since it would have been released this fall which is right next to the upcoming Battlefield game.

That is it for this first roundup of quick news. Hopefully, you all enjoyed it. What are some highlights of news in the entertainment world that have stuck out to you?

Image via FrancoTieppo from DeviantArt


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