News: Westworld is Coming to Life?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that same experience at the characters in Westworld? Just take away all of the problems that occur in the story, but an open world to live out fantasies in the Old West would be incredible. HBO has unveiled a brand new experience recently at SXSW.

HBO has announced that they will give people the chance to visit this world. The recreation of various locations from the show will be built outside of Austin, Texas. This recreation will try to give a unique experience to die-hard fans. Two acres of land has been rented out to build out the park. Fans will be able to eat western-themed food and beverages, hunt for clues as they go on adventures, interact with real horses, and interact with the hosts. The hosts will not be robots, they will be actors. Sorry to break it to you, the hosts in this experience will not have sex with you, unlike the show.

The event is only coming for a short period of time and to register for attendees is limited too. The experienced that is dubbed as “Live Without Limits Weekend” that will run through the weekend of March 9th to the 11th. Do you want to get in? Then there is a link to register:

UPDATE (2/23/18): Registration is sold out. Hopes to this event expanding in the future if it is successful.

A trailer is also here for you to check out:

Image via HBO


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