Song Impression: Parkway Drive – “Wishing Wells”

The Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive have enjoyed a great career over the years. With each album, the group grows more prominent in the metal scene than the previous record. With all that popularity and always hearing about them, I only started getting into the band last year. When I finally sat down to listen to their music, I became obsessed. They are easily one of the best metal bands in the previous decade. Their last album Ire was a step in a new direction. Having that same style, they have always had along with some new elements. Now, after a few videos teasing they are making new music, we finally have a new song off of the upcoming record.

The song starts off with some birds in the background and what sounds like wind. An acoustic guitar starts playing, and Winston starts talking. If you have never heard their music, he does not sing, but will usually mix screaming and talking. The beginning is somber and leads the listener into an area of uncertainty as to where the song is going. Then things go to the typical Parkway style with a powerful scream saying “Until I am done!”.

The song is still slow but has changed its tone to a more intense feeling that is ready to grab you by the throat. A harmony being played from one guitar and the other keeping up the intensity along with the drums and bass covering the rest of the ground. All of the music dies down for the first verse.

Heavy riffs and bounding drums lead into the first verse. The band has definitely been able to expand themselves into new directions instrumentally. Winston mixes his screaming and talking perfectly. The right words are being brutally screamed while some lyrics are being said with that classic aggression that Winston can apply without even screaming.

The chorus is a lot more melodic than the crushing verses. Some of the most unique sounds that have come out of their guitar work right here. While Winston goes for slow pacing but lowers his screams for that added heaviness. After the second chorus, the music dies down into the bridge.

The bridge leads the listener to a bass-heavy moment with the same guitar riff from the chorus. Drums are rapidly beating relentlessly. Winston takes a moment to talk directly with a dark and heavy tone. He leads out of the bridge and into the finally crushing seconds of the song with the words, “Face me!”.

With the last part being full of fast riffs that cut through with speedy and in a violent manner. With interjections from Winston’s intense screams that leads to the ending of the song. The song is relentless and emotional.

Regarding the lyrics Winston has this to say about the new tracks meaning, “‘Wishing Wells’ is the compression of grief into song, It’s attempting to place blame when there is none, seeking answers where there is only emptiness, and ultimately trying to find some kind of reason and meaning to justify the ultimate loss we will all be faced with in life. This is how this chapter begins and will end.” Which makes everything make sense both lyrically, instrumentally, and even the birds in the beginning. A feeling of a dark and cold place that feels isolated with pain.

The new song starts somber and ends brutally heavy. Parkway Drive is heading in a new direction again. Ire gave them the confidence to do what they want. The band has their own style and sound, but continuing to expand to be familiar while being new at the same time. If the rest of the new record is like this, then maybe Parkway Drive will have the best metal album of the year. Expect the new record to come out later this year. Hopefully, we can get more information soon. Check out the new song below:

In the meantime, check out the band’s merch:

Image via Epitaph Records


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