Quick News: Groot is Dead, Baby Groot is…? Kevin Smith Heart Attack. Tarantino Ninth Film Information. Plus More!

The current world of media gives us constant news all the time. Things go so fast that you can easily miss something. Everything is moving too fast. We have a Guardians of the Galaxy heavy week alongside this is plenty of other things from Kevin Smith’s health scare, new information on the next Tarantino film, and some other exciting news!

  • Spoiler for both Guardians of the Galaxy movies (if you have not then you are wasting your time by not watching those two films), but at the end of the first movie, the beloved Groot dies until a scene shows him as a baby in a pot filled with soil. The hype behind the sequel was there for many reasons, other than the first movie being fantastic was Baby Groot being a considerable part of the marketing. A few days ago, James Gunn confirmed that Groot is officially dead and that Baby Groot is his son. This news has blown up the internet and will change our views on the tree creature forever. See his Tweet below:


  • Let’s knock out the other bit of Guardians news right now. After James Gunn responded to a fan, who asked to do him a favor by giving Mark Hamill a role in the third Guardians film. The attention came when Mark responded to the conversation. Here are the tweets:

guardians Tweets #1

Guardians Tweets #2

guardians Tweets #3

The two do live nearby and seem genuinely interested in this Twitter exchange. Nobody should be too excited since nothing is entirely concrete, but it would be an excellent addition to the large cast of excellent actors who are in the MCU. Mark Hamill has an exceptional talent for both acting in a live action role and shines on the voice acting side of his career too. Fans of Mark and James, let’s keep our fingers crossed and not look away from Twitter to keep an eye on more developments on this story.

  • Hollywood has had a terrible 2017 with so many sexual harassment and assault allegations that were going around. One of the biggest was Harvey Weinstein who manipulated young actresses for his gain. This has destroyed his reputation and even his company. The Weinstein company that Harvey and his brother Bob Weinstein founded together is now looking to file for bankruptcy. The Weinstein Co. board let out a statement regarding the bankruptcy. Here is a segment from the said statement in which it says, “While we recognize that this is an extremely unfortunate outcome for our employees, our creditors, and any victims, the Board has no choice but to pursue its only viable option to maximize the Company’s remaining value:  an orderly bankruptcy process,”.  The company still has a lot to do to get the process finalized along with payments to the victims of Harvey. The future for the company leads plenty of options that could potentially happen to the company such as another company buying it out. However, the negative press could make people avoid doing so. This process will continue to have updates in the weeks to come.


  • Kevin Smith had a few comedy shows scheduled, but after the first show he started feeling nausea, sweating, and other symptoms, he went to the hospital. It turns out it was a heart attack. The filmmaker then tweeted that he was okay and gave some additional information. His LAD artery had been completely blocked which was the cause of the heart attack. Based on his tweets right after the incident, it appears the man still has his iconic sense of humor still intact. He is now home and going vegetarian in an attempt to be healthier. He released a video on YouTube detailing everything and thanking his friends, family, and hospital staff.


  • Tarantino announced a while back that he was making a film based on the Charles Manson murders. Now we have some more light on the upcoming project. For his first time without collaborating with the Weinstein Company in which the director is going around to studios for his next film. After being worked on for five years. Margot Robbie is rumored to be playing as Sharon Tate, the famous actress who was brutally killed by Charles Manson’s group. Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are also supposed to be in the film. The story that we know of will center around these three. Leonardo plays as Rick Dalton, an aging actor and along his side is Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth, Rick’s longtime stuntman. The two want to revive their career and get in touch with their neighbor Sharon Tate who will help them out. How this will get involved with Charles Manson and his followers is not confirmed. There is speculation that it will be a twist on history similar to Inglourious Basterds. The film will be called Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and will start filming this summer. The film is scheduled to release on August 9, 2019.


  • This last piece of news is quite creepy. In 2013 Curtis Lahr created a statue of Jason Voorhees and placed at the bottom of a lake in Minnesota. Now the story has gone viral, and it is just as terrifying as you can imagine. Bloody Disgusting reported this creation even though the video has been around for a few months. Now people are noticing. He placed the horrific and beautifully crafted statue at 120 feet down at the bottom of a favorite lake in Crosby, Minnesota. Check out the video below and feel the chills down your spine:


Header Image via Marvel Studios.


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