Quick News: AI Testing Games, Dexter Fake Poster, Fortnite Twitch Records, and More!


  • Fans of the popular Showtime series Dexter, myself included, are quite disappointed that the series revival has been shut down. The reason there was this speculation was due to a Facebook post from Euforia Studios that was an authentic looking poster with the release date to be set for September 2018. The lower part of the poster shows Showtime and Netflix to give the idea that the two will collaborate to bring season nine to Netflix. However, showrunners have been able to squash this rumor. What makes this even more interesting is that this fake poster has been around for a while. The original post came about May 9, 2017. Sadly, fans of the friendly serial killer may never get to see him again in a future revival season or any potential spin-offs.


  • Fighting games love to put in extra characters outside of the game’s universe. Soul Calibur is not only a prime example of this but the center of this story. For example, the series has previously the series has featured Darth Vader and Yoda. Now there is talk that Geralt from The Witcher series will make an appearance in the upcoming Soul Calibur 6. CD Projekt Red’s community lead Marcin Momot made an interesting tweet that hints at Geralt making this appearance, which you can see right below. Why Soul Calibur 6? Well, this speculation comes from for several reasons. Like it is stated before, the series has featured playable characters from other franchises. On top of that, Bandai Namco distributed The Witcher 3 to Europe so this past relationship could mean something. We won’t know for sure until Soul Calibur is released or an official statement is made. For the fans of fighting games, more specifically to Soul Calibur, you can get your hands on beating your friends later this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



  • Don’t worry fans of The Witcher, you have more speculation coming your way. Just like the story before, this is just speculation. However, just like what you read above, this is picking up a lot of attention along with this is a fun idea. If you are a fan of the series then you know there is a Netflix series that is in the works. Just a few days ago Lauren Hissrich, a writer for the show, was on Twitter to describe Vesemir as a character. Some of these characteristics are “fatherly” and “wise”. A fan drew the conclusion that in some ways that sound like Luke Skywalker and mentioned that Mark Hamill should be in the role. Mark replied that he does not know what they are talking about, but is up for the job anyways. The official Twitter for The Witcher responded with an image of Vesemir with Mark’s face photoshopped on. Including Lauren Hissrich who’s reply expressed how surprised and happy, she feels for Mark’s response. You can see all of these tweets in the order that they came below:

Witcher TV show A.jpg

Witcher TV show #1

Witcher TV show #2

Witcher Tv show #3


  • Fortnite is the new game that is breaking records left and right. Since the game can be downloaded for free, it has grown an incredibly large player base. Now those numbers have translated to how many people watch the game being played on Twitch. According to Fortnite Intel that tracks Twitch views and streams for Fornite, we see some impressive numbers. The most prominent games on Twitch such as League of Legends and PUBG are being crushed by Fortnite. In the past two weeks, the game has been watched for a total of 4,882 years, 208 days and streamed for a total of 246 years, 231 days. The image below shows a comparison to Fortnite big competitor PUBG. As Fornite is purple and has had a steady rise, PUBG in the green has fallen overall. Regarding sales, PUBG is still quite impressive and total players still playing is growing. However, Fornite being free and less violent has made it quite accessible.



  • Rooster Teeth’s upcoming horror comedy is arriving. The film that is being directed by Owen Egerton and stars Jacob Batalon (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Rooster Teeth’s own Barbara Dunkelman is coming tonight at SXSW. A teaser trailer was released through Entertainment Weekly, but now the teaser trailer is out. The film will follow a group of 20 somethings attempt to survive a festival that turns out to be a death trap full of monsters and murderers. A worldwide release date has not been set or a way of distribution either. We can assume the film will be on YouTube Red, a possible one night only theatrical release, and a few other ways to stream the movie such as Netflix or Amazon video. Check out the trailer here:


  • Generally, when a game is being tested, people play the game to see what works and what doesn’t. However, Ubisoft is coming up with a new plan to check their games for bugs in the future. If everything works, the AI will catch bugs before they are even in the game. This system was announced at a Ubisoft Developer Conference in Montreal. The system is being called Commit Assistant which is being fed past data from previous Ubisoft games to learn where mistakes have been made in the past. However, the system is in its early days and will not be in full use until it is fully ready which will take a long time. The company hopes to see this system used outside of the gaming industry to catch bugs in other technologies such as driverless cars or even our cell phones. The technology is a brilliant idea that will help make everyone’s lives easier and can better the tech that it is being used on.


Header Image via Showtime.

Graph via Fornite Intel

Trailer via Rooster Teeth


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