Quick News: Long Live Roc Doc + Cloverfield Sequel + Nintendo Switch Sales Updates + More!

  • It is not news that the Nintendo Switch is selling like crazy. Nintendo has given many financial updates on how those sales are impacting the company. Now the company has made another statement recently. Currently, the company has sold over 15 million Switches which has generated 178 billion yen ($1.6 billion US). Regarding games, those are selling an insane amount too. Super Mario Odyssey has sold 10 million copies, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is at 9 million, and Splatoon 2 is at 6 million. After the Wii U underperforming, people speculated how Nintendo would reignite the fire, but with the Switch, we now see they will always be on top.


  • Speaking of gaming companies selling well, Playstation has some news too. The PlayStation 4 has sold about 75 million consoles which crushes their competitors at Xbox and Nintendo. The consoles are slowing down a bit, but the primary driver that is making the company so much money is its software sales and PlayStation Plus Subscriptions. Their game software has sold 247 million units which are worth $8.4 billion. Out of the gamers who have signed up for PlayStation Plus has reached to 34.2 million users. Expect numbers to look better by the end of the year because God of War (be sure to check out my review here), Spider-Man in September, Detroit: Become Human comes out in May, and plenty of other major games for the platform will be announced in E3. The money train is not going to stop for Sony anytime soon.


  • Rooster Teeth, the Internet production studio, has announced a new office internationally. The company has made these thoughts clear in recent months on their podcast, but in a recent announcement they will be opening up an office in London to establish a closer connection to the UK and throughout Europe. The London office will be run by Eric Cherry, who joined the company back in 2008. CEO and co-founder Matt Hullum made some commentary while in an interview with Variety. One thing he said about opening this office is,” Building communities is a goal, and we’ve done a good job in the U.K., but know we could do more,” Hullum said. “The talent and community piece in the U.K. has been underserved, and we wanted to correct that.” The location choice is not a surprise because the company has been open that the UK is one of their biggest markets and their convention RTX had its first time in London with RTX London. For a first time convention, the attendance was up to 15,000. After that success, it makes sense to now open up this new office.


  • CinemaCon just happened a few days ago in which J.J. Abrams has announced the next film in the Cloverfield series. This time this film will be a direct sequel to the original movie. Having a direct sequel will be a first since 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox are not directly linked to the first movie. Paradox gets closer, but not entirely related. For a while, a WWII horror/sci-fi film that J.J. has been working on was rumored to be the next film in the series. However, he has announced that this WWII movie Overlord is not the sequel that he is talking about. That will be its own standalone that is not in the series. Overlord will be Bad Robot’s first R rated film. During his presentation at CinemaCon this past Wednesday, Abrams does comment on Overlord by saying it is, “It’s batshit crazy.” Exciting projects that are in our future from Abrams. Expect to keep notified as we get more updates on these films.


  • Rejoice rock and metal fans, we are getting a documentary that is filled with some of the best musicians in the music scene. From Corey Taylor, Rob Zombie, Lars Ulrich, and many more. The crowd-funded rock documentary is called Long Live Rock… Celebrate the Chaos is meant to give a look at both musicians and fans alike. A film that will celebrate everyone in the rock and metal community. Director Jonathan McHugh says, ” I really hope you – the true fan – will help support our mission to bring the hard rock culture back into the mainstream.” You can donate to the project here.


Be sure to comment below on these stories or any others that I have missed out on. Are you excited about the Cloverfield sequel? What do you think about the successful sales that Nintendo and PlayStation are seeing? Check back every week for more news roundups like these.

Image via Flickr/Sinchen.Lin


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