Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War

I cannot believe that they did it, but the Russo brothers and their whole team did something that I could not see meeting all of the hype and expectations. 10 years in the making with this part 1 of the major shakeup in the MCU and the ultimate threat that our heroes have ever seen yet. I have made several lists building up to this moment, and that work was worth it. Avengers: Infinity War has made history on so many levels. I love this movie for practically every aspect. Before we get into it, there will be no spoilers. I will briefly mention things in broad terms and with information that has been known before the film was released, so there is nothing to spoil. Just go watch the movie if you are a hardcore Marvel fan.

Our heroes are scattered all over Earth and universe. Thor and Hulk are facing the aftermath of Thor: Ragnarok. The Avengers are split because of the events of Civil War. Then the Guardians are just doing their thing somewhere in space, being as goofy as usual. Thanos is on his quest for the infinity stones and quickly gets on everyone’s radar as he plows through anything in his way. If you were wanting a movie full of Thanos crushing everything in his path, you got what you are looking for.

The film is full of new and old characters. Everyone wondered how it could be done with this many characters, but Marvel keeps proving it is able to produce substantial superhero movies. Everyone has their own screen time, some more than others. Everything is organic and perfectly paced. What I was looking forward to the most are the interactions. Seeing the Guardians and Thor is a perfect combination that I had no idea on how it would look. Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man had such great chemistry. Everyone was able to work together in the funniest of scenes to the most dramatic. Just like every Marvel movie, the characters and their chemistry is what makes these movies so great.

Thanos and his children are all forces that stand on their own. Each of his children is powerful and interesting. Some get less dialog and fleshing out than others. Nonetheless, I enjoyed these characters, even though some more could have been done for some of them. Thanos was incredible. Josh Brolin did some phenomenal acting that I did not expect. The man always does a great job, but I did not see Thanos be this sympathetic and complex. All I knew was a few things about his personality such as he thought to be the hero of the story and he is incredibly intelligent. It has been said that the movie would start off by showing his power and he should be feared. This is an understatement. He is devastating to everyone he crosses paths with and indeed is the ultimate villain. I am saying it here that he is not only the best villain in the MCU, but we will not see anyone better for another few years. All of this build-up to this significant antagonist was worth the wait. He steals the movie by far.

Pacing throughout the film was excellent. It is the darkest and most violent movie in the MCU but has some fantastic moments of levity. I thought the other two films the Russo brothers did for Marvel were solid but lacked the humor to level things out. Civil War was a bit better about that than Winter Soldier, but that was for a few minutes when we had Spider-Man and Ant-Man. Here we got to see the tone of the movie leveled out a lot cleaner. The reason was mostly from Guardians who were the best part next to Thanos. Every scene had me dying of laughter, which is to be expected from the Guardians. They still managed to have their serious moments too. Nothing took away from moments whether a scene had a joke when it was dramatic, or all of the death and destruction taking away from a quick joke. The film had a great balance of action, suspense, comedy, drama, and so much more. This combined so many emotions that it will take time to digest once you finish this film. The surprises are everywhere. Nothing can prepare you for what happens here.

The action is well choreographed as always. I always love the bigger casts such as Civil War and the other two Avengers movies. Everyone has their own unique weapons, powers, and fighting style. That fighting style mixed with people who have different methods is well done. Seeing people combine moves or have any interaction to give a good blow to an enemy is awesome. This makes everyone work as a team. Their teamwork feels real especially with characters who have known each other for so long. With a movie full of action, none of it gets boring. Every action scene is excellently done and is exciting throughout.

My biggest issue is some moments make me question the power level of individual people and weapons. At times it feels someone or something is downplayed to even the playing field. We have seen this in other Marvel movies too. It is a common problem and at times it pretty apparent here. Also, it might be me, but some of the effects looked a little off. Only a few times did it look weird to me, but overall it is a pretty movie.

All in all, I love this movie. It may not stand on its own two feet because all of the world building and characters needed. People going in need to know everything about the film to work correctly. Movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Black Panther, or Iron Man can stand alone because there are fewer strings attached. Infinity War is not perfect, but the achievement that Marvel has accomplished cannot be denied. Wrapping all of these characters into one movie and pulling it off is astonishing. Thanos is the most magnificent villain in the MCU so far by a long shot. The film is full of surprises that will catch the biggest Marvel fans off guard, but leave them happy. The risks they took and were able to stick the landing is mind-blowing. The film has everything and more than any fan would want. I had the highest expectations for this movie, and it blew them away. Out of every movie so far in the MCU, Infinity War is top tier. The film is not my favorite, I cannot let go of Spider-Man: Homecoming for being so great and that it can stand on its own two feet. Infinity War like similar movies in the MCU does not stand quite as good on its own to a newcomer, but it is the perfect treat for the hardcore fans. You have to go watch this movie right this second. Now we must wait for Avengers 4 to wrap this story up and move into the next phase of the MCU. The next part and the final blow to cause the biggest shake-up in the MCU comes out May 3, 2019.

Have you seen the movie? Go ahead and comment on your thoughts. If you have not seen it then are you going to?

Score: 10/10

Image via Marvel Studios

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