Quick News: Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny Sequel + Cast Updates on Tarantino Film + Destiny 2 Warmind Negative Reactions + More

  • After 12 years, Tenacious D has announced a sequel to their movie, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. The film was initially released back in 2006 in which it bombed financially with just earning $14 million out of a $20 million budget. Along with doing poorly at the box office, the film received negative reviews overall. Despite the problems the film faced, it has achieved cult status, especially among Tenacious D fans. This is due to excellent songs from the group and some great cameos such as Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, Ronnie James Dio, and Meat Loaf. Jack Black made the announcement by saying, “I don’t know where you’ll be able to see it, but we have decided that it’s happening and it’s coming out,” Black said onstage at the Shaky Knees Music Festival yesterday (May 6). This is a major surprise for fans of the comedy music group, but it should be a lovely gift in October for fans who have been wanting a sequel for the past decade.
  • God of War announced a while back there would be a photo mode, now the update has arrived. Patch 1.20 adds a few tweaks here and there, but the big attraction is the new photo mode to take beautiful shots of an already gorgeous game. A variety of customization options are available which is common for any photo mode. Besides the standard filters and other options you may see in other games, you are able to change Kratos and Atreus’ faces. For once you get to see Kratos smile and make goofy faces, which might be a little disturbing. You can download the patch now and start taking photos.
  • Five out of six of the original cast of The Avengers have gotten matching tattoos. The group got the tattoo for the success of the latest film Avengers: Infinity War and the ten years they have spent in these roles. Robert Downey Jr. told Entertainment Weekly about the process behind it. Robert says, “Five of the original six Avengers got a tattoo,” Robert Downey Jr. exclusively tells EW. “And the sixth was the tattoo artist, who gave it to five of us, the one who opted out being Mark Ruffalo. It was (Scarlett) Johansson’s idea, and she and (Chris) Evans did it in New York. Then, their New York guy, Josh Lord, who is amazing, flew out to LA, he did me, did (Jeremy) Renner, and then we just bullied (Chris) Hemsworth into doing it, and he got it.” Here you can view Robert Downey Jr. getting his tattoo by Josh Lord.


  • A new update has been made about the new film that Quentin Tarantino is making, Once Upon a Time. It was already confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt would be in the film, and rumors about Margot Robbie circulated. She now has confirmed she will be playing Sharron Tate in the upcoming film that circulates around the time of the infamous Charles Manson murders. Timothy Olyphant is in negotiations to play a leading role, but nothing is confirmed whether he will have a part or not in the film as of yet. Tarantino is known for his dialog, violence, and getting a huge cast full of A class stars. It is rounding out to be quite a considerable ambition as always for the filmmaker. Once Upon a Time will be his ninth movie and he says that once the tenth film is made, then he will retire. Once Upon a Time .is going to start filming this summer and be released August 9, 2019.


  • Fans have been hammering Destiny 2 for a while, and now there is a new outrage towards the game. The new DLC, Warmind, is quite disappointing to players. Many assets are reportedly reused from the base game. The DLC was supposed to offer a new campaign, new strikes, and other content. Two of the strikes are being reported that they are just the last two levels of the main campaign. The new campaign takes places in an area from the original game. A new unique strike is available, but that is only for PS4 players. Both games in the series so far have come under controversy over content and players continue to be angry towards. The first game recovered towards the end of its cycle by revamping the game and for the most part delivering a satisfying experience to its fan base. However, the second game had its praise when it was released, but shortly after players started to see some flaws. As more content was added like Warmind, the problems grew more apparent.


That is it for this week for the news roundup. Have you played the new DLC for Destiny 2 and what do you think of it? Are you excited for Tarantino’s next film for 2019? Or are you just waiting for the new Tenacious D movie? Comment below what you think of these stories.

Image via Bungie



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