Quick News: Rage 2 Announced + Zombieland 2 Date + No Borderlands 3 at E3? + Jonathan Davis Wants a Metal Musical + More!

  • After some rumors and some mysterious teases from Bethesda, Rage 2 is official. A game that most people forgot or had on the back of their minds, but we have two trailers of the upcoming open-world shooter. The Mad Max looking shooter is full of color and destruction, other than that not much is known about the post-apocalyptic game. Id Software and Avalanche Studios are the developers while Bethesda is publishing. The game is scheduled to come out Q2 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can watch the gameplay trailer below:


  • One of the most iconic and popular shows to ever feature on Adult Swim was Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. From its run that started in 2000 and abruptly ended in 2007, the show is being brought back. This time Harvey will have a slightly different job. The title of the new show is Harvey Birdman, Attorney General. Well, the show is not returning for a new series, but the return is a special episode coming this fall that will reunite the original cast of the show. None-the-less the fans of the original will be happy. Also, nobody knows if this is successful enough then a proper show could happen.


  • For years since the release of the zombie comedy Zombieland back in 2009, fans have wanted a sequel. A TV series was supposed to come, but after a dud of a pilot, the show was dropped. Now we have confirmation that a sequel to the film will arrive October 2019, just in time for the ten year anniversary. The new movie will bring back the original cast along with the original writers. Zombieland has launched Rhett Reese and Paul Wenrick’s careers. They have been busy with movies like the Deadpool movies, but now they have time to deliver fans what they have been wanting. The original film was a surprise hit that blew everyone away. With a budget of $23.6 million, while earning $102.4 million at the box office, it is a surprise that a second installment has taken this long. Fans are finally getting what they want, and the wait is only a little more than a year.


  • Jonathan Davis is quite the busy guy. His solo album Black Labyrinth is on its way soon. On top of that, he is working on the next album for Korn.  With all of that work, the man is looking further down the road for his next project. He is thinking about creating a “dark metal musical.” In an interview with Kerrang he says, “A long time ago, I was talking to Clive Barker about doing a dark, fucked-up musical, but people get busy, and it didn’t happen.” Until this happens, we will have plenty of work to listen to with Jonathan’s solo album and the next Korn record.


  • To end on a sad note with these next two stories, we have a new development on what to expect at E3. Gearbox has confirmed that we will not see Borderlands 3 at E3. Last week, a Walmart in Canada leaked that a bunch of games will be at E3. One of those games was Borderland 3. Some of the games on the list were accurate such as Rage 2, but this one has been shut down by developer Gearbox. On Twitter Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO confirmed that we would not be getting the game at E3 this year. After announcing the game a few years ago and fans have been waiting nearly six years for a proper sequel, we will have to wait a bit longer. E3 this year will run through June 12-14 to give journalists and gamers all of the information they need about upcoming games.


  • A major surprise that came last E3 was Metro Exodus. The reveal of the post-apocalyptic shooter made fans excited that they will dive into this world for the third time. The original release date was meant to come fall 2018. Now THQ Nordic confirmed this in an earnings report that Metro Exodus will be slated for a Q1 2019 release date. The company released a statement to clarify on their website.  In this statement, they said, “The development of Metro Exodus is progressing well; we are all really excited by what we are seeing. We have been constantly reviewing the games progress to ensure that we deliver a product that gamers and fans of the Metro series want and deserve, as well as keeping an eye on announcements from our competitor products. We want everyone to be able to experience what is the most ambitious Metro game to date at its absolute best, and therefore we have taken the decision to move the release date to Q1 2019.” As disappointing the news is, at least it should be out at the beginning of the year.


That is it for this week’s news roundup. What do you think of not seeing Borderlands 3 at E3? Are you excited about the idea that Jonathan Davis might make a musical? Will you be playing Rage 2 when it comes out? Be sure to comment on any of these stories below.


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