Song Impressions: Toronto Blessings – Give Nothing

Toronto Blessings is an alternative rock band from England. Back in May, the band released their single Give Nothing. A classic rock vibe with an injection of synth to make for a groovy rock and roll track that fits in the modern era of rock. For such a small band, they managed to get some solid production for a professional sound.

The song starts with some synthesizer with some quick, explosive drumming thrown in along with a steady bass keeping up with the rhythm. When the vocals come in, they are a bit distant, just under the surface of the instrumentation. The chorus brings everything together when the guitar kicks in with some heavy riffs and the vocals become clearer.

The verses are much more interesting with the distant vocals and synthesizer. The sound is much more unique and distinguished. The choruses are a more typical rock sound that feels less fresh and unique. The song turns hard driving with the instrumentation while the vocals are not doing much different besides the production making them sound clearer.

The lyrics are not the strongest but are the best component of the song. With lyrics like, “And who picks up the pieces of a broken mirror of rage,” and “We all live in the same old shit, we all should be ashamed,” the song is able to bring out some emotion. The lyrics are not complimented well with the vocals which are nothing special and not much is done regarding range or melody.

The instrumentation has a right blend of how the synth, bass, and drums come together. An enjoyable rhythm that feels more original. However, everything is very simplistic. The guitar riffs are just fast to make for a hard-driving and energetic chorus for a crowd to enjoy, without much substance.

Give Nothing is not the strongest rock track, but it gives room for the band to grow. With a particular sound that can be developed, Toronto Blessings could have a bright future ahead of them. Every band needs time to define themselves, and they certainly need that time. The track is nothing surprising, but not bad either. Overall, this is an average rock song for someone to listen to casually.




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