10 TV Shows to Binge Watch Now

The phenomenon that has taken over the world due to streaming services is binging. Those lazy days can be hard to fill until services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu started to pop up. Now you can knock out just about any TV show that you would like. It is notably easier when the show is relatively short, but even the longest shows can be eaten up in no time if you have nothing to do. Trust me, I know you have nothing better to do since you read my blog, so why not spend it watching some grade A TV.

#10: Deadset 

This British zombie show takes place inside a TV studio that is making a reality TV show. The contestants among others outside of the show go about their day until a zombie outbreak occurs. Take 28 Days Later and take any atrocious reality show then you have Deadset. Sure, the show is not the best, but with only one season, it is an easy binge. Plus, if you want something violent, then you have your show right here.

Image via Endemol UK

#9: Spaced

Before Edgar Wright, Nick Frost, and Simon Pegg teamed up for the Cornetto Trilogy, they made a short TV series from 1999 to 2001. Tim (Simon Pegg) meets this girl Daisy (Jessica Hynes), and they discover that the two of them need an apartment. When an ad pops up for a place to rent only for married couples, they pretend to be married to get the place. The show goes through weird scenarios between the two, the landowner, neighbors, and Tim’s friend Mike (Nick Frost). The show is bizarre, random, and full of heart. If you are a fan of these three, then this is a must watch because it started the careers of three guys who will go on to do incredible work.

Image via Channel 4

#8: Justified

Most shows on this list are smaller and something you haven’t seen, but while Justified was on the air, it was quite popular. Six seasons that were not only consistent but got better as the show went on. Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) is a U.S. Marshall getting transferred back to his home in Kentucky. He must handle his past and current personal issues such as his family, ex-wife, and old friends. This Wild West styled crime drama has humor, drama, and action. The driving force is the conflict between Raylan and an old friend Boyd (Walton Goggins). Both actors along with supporting cast and many villains are all excellent. Each season’s individual stories along with the continuous story of Boyd and Raylan is superb. Justified might be a long binge, but it will be worth it.

Image via Sony

#7: The Killing

The Killing was initially on AMC before getting canceled and picked up by Netflix. The series is a bleak and realistic look at two police officers, Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) as they struggle with personal issues and their work. The first two seasons focus on a teenage girl being murdered while the last two seasons take a look at a string of murders that are connected. You get a dark look at the struggles of two people who have a lot of baggage while trying to do their jobs. Not just in the lives of the detectives but, you get a look at how devastated the loved ones of the victims are. The first two seasons are easily the best as you follow the investigation, especially with the family. The police investigation aspects in these kinds of shows always stretch the realism of how real officers investigate, but you see real pain in the family who try to cope with losing their daughter. The show is compelling, bleak, and one of the most depressing, but binge-worthy crime dramas on Netflix.

Image via Netflix

#6: The Five

This British mystery will have you on the edge of your seat for its entire season. Yes, only one season, so you better not come up with any excuses to miss out. A boy goes missing, and twenty years later his DNA is found at multiple crime scenes. His older brother Mark (Tom Cullen) and his friends Danny (O-T Fagbenle), Pru (Sarah Solemani), and Slade (Lee Ingleby) come together to find out what is happening. The show throws you twists and turns throughout the series. As you find out more about who these characters are, you will be shocked by some of the character developments that are revealed. The show throws twists, murder, and keeps questions to keep you on your toes through every episode.


Image via Red Picture Company

#5: Ash vs. Evil Dead

Thirty years after the events of the original movies, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) must fight evil again. If you have never seen the movies, don’t worry because you get caught up on everything. This show is perfect for anyone who loves cheesy humor, extreme violence, and an intriguing story. I have never seen a show so relentless in every aspect from its humor, violence, and storytelling. Sadly, after being canceled, we will only have three seasons of Ash killing loads of demons with his chainsaw hand.


Image via Starz

#4: Daredevil

Netflix has been inconsistent in its quality of Marvel TV shows. However, Daredevil is in a different place regarding quality. Sure, season one is far superior to season two. With that said, this is one of the best shows in the MCU. Charlie Cox is an excellent Daredevil playing both the lives of a blind lawyer and a man taking the law into his own hands. Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin portrayed by the always incredible Vincent D’Onofrio is not only an astonishing villain but possibly the best villain in the entire MCU. A sympathetic criminal who rules with an iron fist. The show, just like the other Marvel Netflix series, delivers a dark crime drama that is infused with the superhero genre. Season two is a bit too complex and gets a bit messy, but it is still far from the worst Marvel Netflix series (I am looking at you Jessica Jones season two). You better catch up because season three is coming and is rumored to be out this year.


Image via Netflix/Marvel Studios

#3: Gracepoint

Sure, there is a British original called Broadchurch, but this is the show I saw. Instead of multiple seasons, Gracepoint is only one season of the exact same show. David Tennant is even in this as the same character he plays in the British counterpart. A young boy is murdered, and the police must investigate under extreme pressure from the media and the family who lost their child. Just like The Killing, you see the struggles of the police officers and the family who are grieving for their loss. The show is an excellent, short mystery that is basically the same as the British version except for being more concise and does something different with the characters (as my mom reported to me as we watched this show since she has seen both). If you love your murder mysteries as I am then this is the perfect show to knock out over the weekend.


Image via Fox

#2: Flashpoint

Toronto has an Emergency Task Force in which this Canadian crime drama is inspired by. Think of the SWAT team except with a focus more on the psychology of the suspect. Out of any crime drama where most of the show is just another scenario without much story elements, this is on top. Out of all of the CSIs and other mainstream crime dramas, Flashpoint delivers a loveable team who are like a family along with twists you will never see coming. While most episodes have a happy ending, many do not. Sometimes the hostage dies, the suspect dies, or even a team member gets killed in action. The show is full of surprises and sympathetic characters. Also if someone is holding a group of hostages, you learn that person’s story. Often times the person committing the crime is sympathetic enough that you tend to be on their side rather than our protagonists. Out of every show on this list, Flashpoint is the most underrated show.


Image via CBS

#1: Luther

If you have not seen Idris Elba in Luther, then you are missing out on one of the most compelling crime dramas ever made. Luther is a detective who gets emotionally invested in his work in some extreme ways. He is a dominant force to find out what happened in his cases. The show has dramatic turns that make his life a living hell. If you want something compelling and dark, this is for you. From children being in danger from deranged killers, vigilante killers, and full on terrorist attacks, this show has some extremely disturbing subject manners, and I have not given you the really dark stuff that you will experience. Like many British shows, the seasons are short. Each season has a few episodes, so this is one of the easiest binges on this list.


Image via BBC Studios

That is it for the top shows you should be binging right now. Comment below what you think of this list. Have you seen any of these shows, if so then what did you think? Which show on here has you interested?


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