Interview: Crypitus

1. How did the band come together?
Zach: I was desperately searching the internet for musicians to jam with and Pete was the first to respond, with Doug in tow. I didn’t really want to play heavy metal. There was
just no-one else to jam with.
Joe: I joined after a friend introduced me when they were looking for a bassist.
Pete: Doug and I used to jam to some of his songs. We needed a drummer and Zach showed up on my Facebook. The rest is history.
Doug: I used to live with Pete, and I would go downstairs and jam on a few songs I had wrote. Pete picked them up relatively fast, so we said fuck it lets find a drummer and here we are.
2. What are some of your most memorable moments with the band?
Zach: We got to play with Psychostick once cause Doug dressed up as a bacon taco. We also had an unforgettable first tour.
Joe: We toured from Canada down to Virginia. Was really fun.
Pete: I broke my leg at one of our hometown shows. Don’t mosh with just Doug in the pit.
Doug: Our first time playing in Maine was probably the most memorable night for me.
3. When going to one of your concerts, what should people expect?
Zach: Shenanigans. Clowns. Hunyaks. Really cool thrash metal.
Joe: High energy, moshing and super cool music.
Pete: Moshing, headbanging, lots of energy
Doug: Thrashing, moshing and a great time!
4. Out of every band you have seen live, who are some of your favorites?
Zach: Epicenter, Graviton, She Walks Without Legs… There’s a lot of them.
Joe: An Unction in Braille, Black Absence, and Ice Giant.
Pete: Exmortus was incredible live.
Doug: Holy Grail, Marty Friedman, Epicenter, The Beast of Nod…
5. What are some of your biggest influences that have shaped your music?
Zach: For me, it was Between the Buried and Me mostly. A lot of Frank Zappa too and the Liquid Tension Experiment.
Joe: Old Metallica and Primus.
Pete: Frank Zappa continues to influence me.
Doug: The two bands that influenced me the most are Death, and Megadeth.
6. Have you met any of your favorite musicians and what were those experiences like? If you have not met anyone, then who do you want to meet the most?
Zach: I’d love to meet Blake Richardson. I actually had a dream last night that we hosted BTBAM and I was the guy responsible for setting up drums…. In my living room
Joe: Not sure, Les Claypool maybe.
Pete: Well Zappa’s dead so I guess Paul Wagoner from Between the Buried and Me.
Doug: I got the chance to meet Vinnie Paul when I was young, it was a short interaction but I’ll never forget.
7. What are some long-term goals you have for the band?
Zach: Nothing special, just maybe world domination.
Joe: World Domination.
Pete: I wanna play some more states I’ve never been to.
Doug: More Canada shows!
8. What is the biggest accomplishment you have had so far?
Zach: Making it home alive after tour… We’ll be really proud of our first full-length album when it’s done too.
Joe: Touring out of country.
Pete: Our first tour was a pretty awesome milestone
Doug: They already said it!
9. What plans do you have for the rest of the year?
Zach: Random shows and getting our album recorded.
Joe: Some shows and we record our first album soon.
Pete: Recording the next couple months for our first full-length album.
Doug: And you can follow all of this at!
Check out the band’s music:
Header image via Voodoo Media



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