Best Costumes in Insomniac’s Spider-Man Ranked Worst to Best

Insomniac has nailed it with their latest game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. If you read my review, then you know how much I love this game. After playing through the story and getting every collectible, unlocking the suits grants you quite the variety of Spidey’s most well-known costumes to some of the most obscure. While every outfit is fantastic in its way, pitting them against one another on a list is irresistible. Each suit will rank on the list based on its origins, look, and the time spent wearing that outfit during my time in the game.

Warning some suits in the game might spoil the story or unlocks from completing all challenges.

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#28: ESU

Complete every photograph in the game will grant you this suit where Peter will represent his University while he fights crime. The suit lands at the bottom for being basic and no rich history behind it. It is funny to imagine a young Peter Parker fighting Scorpion right before he takes an exam.


#27: Wrestler

Before his final design in the Ultimate Universe, Peter had a wrestler outfit. The detail is there to show he is on the path to designing his official costume. Out of every homemade style Spidey donned, the wrestler is one of his least intriguing.

Spider_Man_suit_13_copy (1).jpg

#26: Undies

Completionists will be able to wear their undies for getting 100 percent in every district. Out of every outfit in the game, this is the most hilarious to wear. What would make this rank much higher on the list is if the body was more like Greg Miller from Kinda Funny. At least we get to see him during a costume party so we will settle with that.


#25: Last Stand

While I am not a fan of the overly casual look, I do love his jacket. The origin comes from Amazing Spider-Man #500 from 2003. In this story, the costume belongs to Spider-Man from Earth-312500. He ends up running from the police after murdering Kraven the Hunter. Our hero dies by the police shooting him. A dark tale that shows Spider-Man has broken his no-kill rule in some bizarre iterations.


#24: Electrically Insulated

The texture of the suit bothers me. I have no idea why, but I find it to be quite ugly. Mostly with the red parts of the suit, the rest looks fine. Spidey wore the suit when he spent time in the X-Men to fight Electro. The only time the team up occurred that lead to this suit is in Amazing Spider-Man #425 in 1997. Good thing he has not worn this suit until the 2018 game because he has much better choices to wear.


#23: Fear Itself

Out of every unique color scheme out there for some of Spidey’s more bizarre suits, this takes the cake. A white and teal look covers most of his body with some black padding. Fear Itself #7 is eight years old, making it one of the newest editions on the list. Made out of the same metal as Thor’s hammer, Uru metal, this would have been a powerful piece of tech for difficult battles. The gauntlets would shoot out blades because apparently, Spider-Man needs that type of weapon. The suit would be destroyed before any use could be made due to an order made by Odin.


#22: Classic

You can never go wrong with a classic, especially for Spider-Man’s iconic costume. The first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy in 1962. The suit has aged like a fine wine with the perfect balance of his colors. Sadly, the later costumes in the game are much more unique and bring something different to the experience.


#21: Classic (Damaged)

The dirty torn suit looks like the web-slinger just got out of a brutal fight, which he did. After defeating Wilson Fisk, it is time for an upgrade. I love the torn up look because of the gritty feeling that these battles do take a toll on our hero.

spider-man-suit-002-classic-suit-damaged (2).jpg

#20: Stealth (Big Time)

In 1999 during the Big Time arc featured in Amazing Spider-Man #650, the hero needed something a bit more powerful than his previous costume. Hobgoblin’s sonic screams were an obstacle until the stealth suit came into play. Small details such as his gloves along with the green lighting are just some of the suit’s unique features that look amazing to look at while swinging through New York. The game’s version would have looked better if we saw it’s coloring change just like in the comic.


#19: Mk. II Armor

A shortly lived armor that Peter made when he lost his Spider-Sense during Amazing Spider-Man #656. I love every armor we see in the game. Nothing fits better than Peter making armor to battle the Sinister Six. Out of every version we see this is the lesser of the group due to its colors. I am not a fan of the yellow and black; he looks like a bee more than a spider.


#18: Secret War

Like many suits featured in the game, the Secret War had a short life. In Secret Wars #8 back in 2004, Spidey and other heroes teamed up with Nick Fury to take down Doctor Doom. The black suit has small details in its texture along with some interesting color choices. Red vein like designs is lightly drawn on his head, shoulders, arms, and legs. Blue details are along various parts of his body and make up the iconic spider on his chest. While I am not a fan of the blue streaks, the look is refreshing compared to everything ranked so far.


#17: Anti-Ock

A handful of costumes in the game are original creations by Insomniac rather than a comic book origin. Once you go in for the final fight with Doc Ock, Peter creates the ultimate armor to fight someone who was once his mentor and friend. The armor has heavy plating that gives an incredible look along with a giant yellow spider that takes up the entirety of his chest. While I was not a fan of the yellow on the Mk II, the coloring and design work much better here.


#16: Dark

Complete every Black Cat collectible to unlock this demonic-esque suit. The origin is one of the weirdest, but one of the best. From Spider-Man/Deadpool #8 from 2016, we see a pretty long story that will be kept short for our purposes. Deadpool kills Peter Parker then realizes he killed his best friend. Deadpool rescues Peter from Purgatory, and this suit is born. The black material is mostly smooth and does not have many textures. The giant red spider on his chest is in a different design from what you usually see along with some evil looking eyes. A little too plain, but the spider and backstory give this one enough to rank this high on the list so far.


#15: Advanced Suit

Insomniac had another unique creation, the Advanced Suit that replaces Peter’s torn up classic. The detail in the suit and the explanations behind their choices is brilliant. The developers here understand Spider-Man is an athletic hero, so this inspires this original outfit. The texture and material are made to look like an athlete. The colors each have their purpose such as the white provides extra protection. Zooming in allows small details in the fabric to pop more giving the suit a more realistic aesthetic while keeping the comic book appearance.


#14: Armor Mk. IV

A classic Spider-Man look mixed with the armor gives a shiny look to a familiar costume. The biggest difference is the spider looks significantly more detailed and glows. Peter wore the suit in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #1 in 2015, but Superior Octopus demolished the suit.


#13: Negative

When you want to defeat a supervillain, might as well look like them. Peter made this suit to combat Mister Negative in Spider-Man #90. The costume changed into the black and white color after going into the Negative Zone to rescue three children. The suit looks evil even though Peter is not in control by the power of the Negative Zone. An excellent way to scare any criminals.


#12: Velocity

Insomniac teamed up with Adi Granov who has designed plenty of work for Marvel in the past. Similar to the Advanced Suit we get a more athletic style to Spidey’s look. The main difference is we get a more futuristic look. While the material looks just as flexible, the vibrant colors and heavier padding makes for a stronger look. The eyes are less animated, but the slits in his mask make for a menacing look when you stare at him directly in the eyes.


#11: 2099

The origins of the suit here take place in the year 2099 in the Amazing Spider-Man #365. Our web-swinger is not Peter but is Miguel O’Hara who wears a suit made of the same material as the Fantastic Four outfits. Miguel’s influence comes from his background and first wears the unique costume during a Day of the Dead festival. A skull-like look along with other features to make for an intimidating presence for this alternate Spider-Man.

spider-man-suit-016-spider-man-2099-black-costume (2)

#10: Mk. III

A more realistic approach to the Spider-Armor, Peter must take down the Sinister Six. This time he creates the Mk. III that gives him various ways of defeating each villain. The suit has been Electro proofed along other devices to aid Peter. The armor looks completely different from the other versions, making for a better identity.


#9: Scarlet

As someone who never read the comics and is going based on research for the article, I can tell the Scarlet Spider is a bit confusing. Ben Reily is a clone who thinks he is the wall-crawling hero. The rest is a bit convoluted, to say the least, but it is a very popular comic. To make everything simple, this is ranking based on its 90s inspired looks. A sleeveless hoodie with a spider that is slightly at an angle and slightly faded along with his belt and bracelets makes for a distinctive look to this Spider-Man. The red costume has some neat detail that needs a lot of zooming in to appreciate. Insomniac has an eye for the little designs to make these suits pop out.


#8: Spirit Spider

Imagine Uncle Ben never dies, and Peter never learns a lesson from that loss to make him the hero he should become. In this story from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38, Peter takes his superhero life down the wrong path, ending with him getting killed. Luckily, he gets a second chance and becomes this Ghost Rider inspired Spider-Man. Spirit Spider might be the scariest variation on the beloved hero.


#7: Noir

This Spider-Man lives in America during the Great Depression. He is just like the web-slinger we know except for a new suit, and he uses guns. Yeah, he will shoot some bad guys with no problem. His costume is entirely black and stylistically fits the time period. Noir Spidey is one of the most popular in the Spider-Verse and will make his big screen debut in the Into the Spider-Verse movie this December, voiced by Nicolas Cage.


#6: Iron Spider

Out of every armor that Peter uses, this has to be my favorite. Iron Spider ranks this high mostly because of its debut on film in Avengers: Infinity War. The costume has been around for a bit longer starting from Amazing Spider-Man #529. The comic version of Civil War has Peter in the Iron Spider with red and gold instead of the colors we see in Infinity War.  With a beautiful shine and the ability to use the extra legs during combat, it is hard to hate on the Iron Spider.


#5: Punk

One of the silliest iterations of the character to ever be established is a punk version of our hero. Debuting in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10 in 2004, we see a punk version of the protagonist. Spider-Man of Earth-138, we see Hobie Brown take up the mantle to swing around New York and fight crime. His method is a bit different than the rest of the Spider-Men and women by using the power of punk to stop the tyrannical President Osborn. Sporting a spiked mohawk, battle vest, spiked bracelets, and a pair of high-tops, Spider-Punk is ready to fight crime while rocking out.


#4: 2099 (White)

In Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 3 #1, Peter is saved by Miguel after being control by Doc Ock. In return, he hires Miguel to work at Parker Industries and creates the white and red version of the 2099 suit. What makes this rank so much higher than the other 2099 costume is the colors; a red and white color scheme looks incredible. Out of every suit, 2099’s white counterpart is in my top five based on how much I played the game while wearing this outfit.


#3: Vintage

In a superhero game, having a comic book look is always a huge plus. The suit looks straight out of a comic which can be disorienting at times. Once I got used to it, I fell in love. The cel-shaded look against a mostly realistic world made for a comical adventure as Cartoon-Spidey saves the city.


#2: Homemade

Straight out of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the young, inexperienced Peter Parker, made his suit. With a sweatshirt and other clothing items that can be in just about any household, Peter makes his first suit. While how poor quality it is, I love the absurdity of the whole costume. Plus, he has some of the nifty looking eyes out of anything we have ever seen. Just goggles that make for perfect expressions as he talks.


#1: Stark Suit

Tony made the ultimate suit for Tom Holland’s debut as the web-swinging superhero in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. In many aspects, it is reminiscent of the classic suit that people tend to know. Made to be as practical as possible for any encounters with the biggest bad guys in New York. Full of a variety of gadgets and most importantly Karen, his AI partner that pre-built into his suit. While Yuri Lowenthal made for a great Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the PS4 exclusive, Tom Holland is Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Getting to wear Tom’s suit while playing was the best part of my experience.


Out of every list written on this blog, that must have been the hardest. Every suit has its charm and identity in Spider-Man’s long history. I bet many of you strongly disagree with aspects of my rankings, or maybe the entire thing. However you feel, go ahead and comment below which are your favorite or least favorite Spider-Man suits in Insomniac’s game.

All images via Insomniac Games

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