Ranking Every Fit for a King Album from Worst to Best

Fit for a King has just released their fifth album called Dark Skies. Over the years the band has gone through changes with its members and style to find their identity in the metalcore scene. Now the band has mixed deathcore, hardcore, and metalcore to deliver a mix of flavors that can be found in heavy music. Let’s go over the band catalog to see which are their best and worst albums.

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#5: Descendants (2011)

Not the best debut for a band. While the album manages to have strong hooks, heavy breakdowns, and powerful lyrics, a lot is missing to make this album that much distinguishable from a lot of other metalcore. The album has Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire featuring in The Architect and Jeremy Gray of Ivoryline in Parallels which is impressive to see a band debut with respectable guests.


#4: Slave to Nothing (2014)

The band kept their breakdowns but mixing some more technical instrumentation to keep things fresh. In future music, they will step away and reexamine their style as a band, but for the most part, it worked out to make for a solid album. Kill the Pain packs the first punch straight to the gut with its raw emotion. The title track featuring Mattie Montgomery from For Today, who disbanded in 2016, remains to be one of the most outstanding songs off of the record. Impostor has an excellent combination of its clean singing and screaming. Much of the instrumentation feels a bit weak but does not stop the album from standing on its own two feet.


#3: Creation/Destruction (2013)

Despite its ranking on the list, Creation/Destruction is one of my favorite metalcore albums of all time. Sure, some parts of the instrumentation are generic. What makes it work are the hooks, some perfectly paced breakdowns, powerful lyrics, and some of the band’s catchiest choruses. Warpath and Destruction can tear down buildings with their heaviness. Catchy choruses flood through the album that will get stuck in your head for weeks. Aaron Kuvera, former bass player and clean vocalist, delivers some of my favorite vocal performances heard from Fit for a King. Broken Fame, The Resistance, and Bitter End are some of the strongest tracks the band has ever written. The record is able to take a break with a more melodic approach in Skin & Bones. The Resistance is my favorite song from the group to date with its powerful lyrics about the media. Broken Fame sending the message about not letting fame destroy your mindset and who you are. The album remains to be one of their most powerful they might ever create despite some flaws.

10000x10000bb (1).jpg

#2: Dark Skies (2018)

Choosing between the band’s latest album over Creation/Destruction pains me. What makes their most recent effort rank higher is the band’s growth and maturity. Oblivion is one of the most emotional songs the group has ever written. A song about wanting forgiveness when you know you have made a significant mistake. With its music video that just came out, your heartstrings will absolutely get pulled on hard. The Price of Agony and Engraved have some of the band’s catchiest choruses since CreationBackbreaker is arguably the band’s heaviest song to date. Kirby discusses social anxiety in the back-breaking track. I love nine out of the ten songs. Despite not loving Debts of the SoulDark Skies is one of my favorite albums of the year.


#1: Deathgrip (2016)

What might be the band’s heaviest and darkest album, Deathgrip brings the perfect mix of brutality and melody. Pissed Off is one of the heaviest songs about terrorism. The track shows off Kirby’s range in his vocals with one brutal guttural that closes the song. Other highlights such as Cold Room and Shadows & Echoes are perfect representations of how far the quartet has come. Jake Luhrs from August Burns Red features in one of the most emotional tracks, Dead Memory. Stacking Bodies has another great feature, Levi Benton of Miss May I. The band has dabbled in guest vocalists, but Jake and Levi are the best vocalists to feature in a Fit for a King album. After experimenting with the previous records, Fit for a King found who they are in the crowded metalcore and deathcore scene.


Be sure to comment how you would rank each Fit for a King record. How much do you agree or disagree with my list?

Images via Solid State Records


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