10 Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Insomniac has been able to dump dozens of Easter eggs from Marvel and other hidden gems for players to discover. Marvel’s rich history with its comics and movies make plenty of appearances, but not everything is Marvel related.  A lot of these are easy to catch, but some of will take time to find in the massive city. Here are 10 out of the many Easter eggs found in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

#10: Uncle Ben’s Grave

Going to the upper west side of the map into Harlem, Peter’s beloved Uncle Ben’s grave can be found here. The game makes a few references to Ben’s death, but for the most part, keeps everything tight-lipped. Just like the choice in Spider-Man: Homecoming, everyone knows Ben dies, so why have to show it for the hundredth time to audiences? Insomniac went with a more creative approach which still kept the impact of Ben’s murder. Finding his grave will also give you a trophy, just FYI for the people wanting to get 100 percent in the game.


Image via Insomniac Games


#9: Sanctum Sanctorum

Doctor Strange and his legion have multiple locations in which they can help protect the Earth. Where the Doctor resides at is the New York location in which is one of the many sites that can be photographed in the landmark collectibles. The building stands out for anyone who has read the comics or has seen Doctor Strange or Infinity War.


Image via WhatCulture/Insomniac Games


#8: Fisk’s Cello’s Name

You might find a variety of instruments, art, and other valuables from Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. Fans who have read the comics or Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix would know the man is head over heels for his wife, Vanessa. If you spot his cello, then you will see that Fisk has named the instrument after her. While Mrs. Fisk does not make an appearance in the game, this little-hidden detail shows that she is in this universe. Maybe if Fisk returns in a sequel, we might get to see his wife.


Image via Insomniac Games


#7: Wakanda Embassy

Black Panther took the world over for months leading into Infinity War. Of course, there should be an Easter egg giving the nod to the king of Wakanda. One of the landmarks to take a photo of is the Wakanda Embassy. Spidey makes a remark about him getting bit by a radioactive spider and questioning if T’Challa was bitten by a radioactive panther.


Image via Screen Rant/Insomniac Games


#6: Morbius

Dr. Morgan Michaels has some significance to the main story in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Casual players might miss why his name is such a big deal, but hardcore fans have been discussing his future in a sequel if it were to ever be made. In the comics, Michaels is Morbius, a vampire villain who gives Spider-Man a hard time. Remember, if someone has a name in a comic book then they might have a supervillain or hero alter ego in some universe. Apparently, everyone becomes Spider-Man, a vampire, or some masked psychopath.


Image via Marvel Comics

#5: Jessica Jones’ Alias Investigations

Jessica Jones has a sign for her makeshift office for her P.I. Business, Alias Investigations. I was full of joy when discovering she exists in this universe. She is incredibly powerful with her super strength. Her attitude is not the easiest to get along with, which makes her that much tougher when dealing with anyone giving her bad attitude. If she ever makes an appearance in a future Spidey game, we better get Kristen Ritter who portrays Jones in the Netflix series, Marvel’s Jessica Jones because she is perfect.


Image via Reddit

#4: Maddie Proposal

The story behind the “Maddie, Will You Marry Me?” title on a movie theater is depressing A fan asked Insomniac to put up the sign to make for a unique way to propose to his girlfriend. He then came out to thank Insomniac and inform everyone that the relationship did not work out. Reports came out that she had left him for his half-brother, but in an interview with Kotaku, she had clarified that she was not in a relationship with his half-brother. While the story is not as horrible as initial reports, it is still sad, but makes for one of the most unique Easter eggs in video game history.


Image via Insomniac Games

#3: Avenger’s Tower

While in the MCU, the Avengers have a new base, in the universe Insomniac built they are sticking to the iconic tower. The tallest building in the game that acts as both a landmark to take a picture of, it establishes Earth’s mightiest heroes are active in this world. While Insomniac wanted to maintain a Peter/Spider-Man story, maybe in the future we can get more crossover between the web-swinger and other heroes.


Image via ComicBookMovie.com/Insomniac Games

#2: Stan Lee

The developers worked hard with Marvel to make a game that felt like a unique Spider-Man story with elements from the Marvel movies we know today. From the music to a Stan Lee cameo, Insomniac has made a game that could easily fit into the MCU. Stan Lee’s cameo comes in a story cutscene, so just like the movies, you can’t miss him.


Image via Insomniac Games

#1: Nelson and Murdock Backpack Easter Egg

The backpacks might be the best collectibles in years. Each bag over Spider-Man’s eight-year career holds something significant to his history or some minor occurrence. Out of every Easter Egg found, the Nelson and Murdock business card made me lose my mind. I am a huge fan of the Netflix adaption of Daredevil (season three comes October 19, so get hyped). Spidey makes a quip about a blind lawyer coming up to him and giving him the card. Another Easter Egg can be found by finding Nelson and Murdocks building where they work hard defending people in need. While some of the other secrets in the game might be more significant, I just love that Insomniac put this in the game.


Image via Insomniac Games

Going over the 10 Easter eggs do not scratch the surface of how many secrets Insomniac have hidden away in this massive city. Comment below some of your favorites and go swing around to find some secrets that nobody else has seen.







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