Trailer Impressions: Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Part 2

Rockstar has put out their second gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. The company continues to have unconventional marketing strategies by releasing the only gameplay trailers a few weeks away from release. Usually, studios would have shown us something years ago, but Rockstar is exclusive in the industry. The new trailer showcases the dead eye mechanic, the danger that seamlessly will enter your experience, and some activities such as robbing trains and much more.

Arthur and his gang join together for a variety of illegal activities. Large-scale bank or train heists can be executed. Intimate robberies such as stealing from people’s homes or robbing stores are options for smaller reward with less risk and excitement. Outside of theft, you can go loan sharking. Each activity had brief clips from knocking someone around on a loan shark missions. Every clip was straightforward, but the bank heists looked the most intriguing. A giant explosion to open the vault showed how aggressive you can be during these heists. Arthur is also demonstrated with his gang taking people hostage and making them open cabinets for their goods.

Of course, in an open world game, you can do anything you want alone. The game wants to emphasize the dangers that are out in the world. The Van der Linde Gang, the gang our protagonist is in, are not the only criminal group out in the Wild West. Rival gangs might see you and attack. Their crimes can be observed as they beat civilians or take hostages. Each gang faction will be unique but remain dangerous. We see some different outlaws, but nothing explains how each group will differentiate.

As you commit crimes, the lawmen will come after you. These men are shown not only hunting for criminals but investigating crime scenes. Usually, in past games we see police come up to hunt and shoot the suspect. To make the experience as immersive as possible, we see real investigating to find the person who committed the crime. Just like in the previous Red Dead, a bounty on your head for how much damage you have caused will return. Bounty hunters will come out to get the reward for killing Arthur. Adding another layer to the many dangers in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Even as a hardened criminal, you can do things for fun that won’t get someone shooting at you. Fishing and hunting are not only fun options, but hold a reason to help feed your gang. If you don’t want to go through all of that hard work, then take a seat to play some games. Poker and other games help take the stress away after stealing hundreds of dollars from a bank. Shows are available such as plays or dancers. Getting your hands dirty is just as fun with herding cattle or hunting down bounties. Dueling is back but looks like just about what it was back in 2010, we don’t know as of yet. The activities are full of enough variety for any type of person. Relaxed players can spend their time gambling, or you can go out on a murder frenzy.

The dead eye system is back, a staple in the Red Dead games. Just like the previous 2010, dead eye will come in stages. Each level of the mechanic will change how it is used. Time can be manipulated into slow motion, targets can get painted to quickly kill several threats, and show weak spots on enemies. The slowing down or painting targets sound the most practical. Weak spots do not seem too helpful when it is obvious to shoot someone in the head. The Wild West was not known for heavily armored enemies, but we might see a reason later down the road to warrant seeing weaknesses.

During the dead eye segment, we see more gunplay. Rifles, shotguns, and pistols are used throughout the entire trailer. What makes this specific part interesting is the dual wielding. Arthur can use two revolvers at once or a sawed-off shotgun in one hand while using a pistol. Whether we will see other weapons that can be used for dual wielding is up in the air, but the option will make for intense battles.

Choices will mean everything to the adventure of playing Red Dead. The basics are present such as choose clothing, haircuts, eat, and what to ride. The basics of customization are more in-depth than ever. Getting haircuts is not a menu to choose from. If you cut your hair or shave your beard, time will slowly grow that hair back. Therefore, if you chop a big bushy beard off, you will wait to grow some more facial hair to grow that mustache you want. No more selecting in a menu to magically have longer hair. The way you smell and look will change how people view you. If you walk into town covered in blood or mud, people will react different compared to walking in clean with fancy clothes. The way you interact with people and the world will change an individual’s experience while playing. People will remember you, so choose wisely whether you want to be kind or hurtful. Arthur is not entirely set on who he is as a character. The player will have plenty of choices to create the man they want to play as.

The world Rockstar is presenting is meant to be alive, so you will find things that you won’t expect. Secret passages in buildings might lead you to a hidden room with valuables. People will randomly be fighting or attack you. Many encounters have their own stories, just like meeting random people on the streets in real life. Everyone has a story and a personality that might react differently.

Different camera angles can be used for a different experience. GTA V had patched itself to be played in first-person, this is not the case since Rockstar built the perspective into the game. We see a variety of clips showing off the first person. You don’t get a shaky camera, or a tacked on feeling that GTA had. While GTA has a decent first-person mode, it is not perfect. Here we see horseback riding and combat in first-person. Riding and shooting looked as smooth as can be. Rockstar has confirmed you can turn off the head bobbing while riding a horse in first-person to avoid anyone feeling sick.

For a more cinematic view, the camera can be placed in different positions to get a look at the beauty of the game. Perfect for a nice screenshot to see Arthur walking across a mountain with his horse companion.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a seamless experience full of surprises to make for an organic world that feels alive. Interacting with people and the environment is in the hands of the player. Their choices will change the gameplay and how characters will perceive them. Games, heists, and other activities will be available to meet anyone’s specific playstyle.

Red Dead Redemption 2 releases on October 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The multiplayer will come out a few weeks later, no exact date has been confirmed. Pre-order the game below:

Image via Rockstar Games


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