Trailer Impressions: Vice

The Dick Cheney biopic just launched the first trailer. Christian Bale has transformed himself yet again to get into the proper mindset for his role. Our of every dramatic move the actor has made, this might be his most extreme since The Machinist.

A conversation over some wings and beer between Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) and George W. Bush (Sam Rockwell) about George wanting Dick to be his vice president. Cheney explains his career as a CEO and into politics. The conversation takes a turn as Cheney offers to take up more duties than vice presidents would generally take on.

Cheney’s influence on the Bush administration is the premise for the film. Telling the story about what happened behind the scenes that many people may not know. At least that is what they claim, you never know with biopics, especially the political ones.

As Cheney explains his career from being a CEO to the secretary of defense and chief of staff, various images showcase his experience with these careers. Meetings, rallies, paperwork, all that you would be doing in that line of work.

We get a look at what Cheney wants out of Bush as he explains what he can do for the upcoming president. Shaking hands with various politicians at what looks to be a rally. Military troops patroling as he insinuates how he could take care of that aspect of Bush’s job. Cheney is seen walking with a Middle Eastern man alongside what looks to be bodyguards.

A variety of quick shots show other cast members such as Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney and Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld. Some of these shots show a younger looking Dick Cheney having a drink with Rumsfeld. Another scene shows Lynne offering Dick advice about people using him when he obtains his power. It appears we will get either a timeline jump between different periods of Dick’s life or see the events in chronological order, it is difficult to tell. Either way, we will see the cast’s age change over the course of this story. Scenes fly by of politicians meeting and military troops fighting in the Middle East.

I am skeptical due to the nature of the film’s theme and story. However, Adam McKay did direct and write The Big Short, which was brilliant. Hopefully, he can maintain the level of intelligence and objectivity when telling Dick Cheney’s story. I will say, it is hard to resist a movie with this impressive of a cast. Steve Carell is not someone I enjoy in comedies, but his dramatic performances are compelling enough to change your perception of who he is as an actor. Amy Adams has done plenty of stellar work such as Arrival. Sam Rockwell is on top of his game after Three Billboards Outside Ebbington, Missouri. Of course, the legendary Christian Bale does it again with a transformation that has blown my mind. He is unrecognizable and his looks will not be the only thing to carry his role. Bale’s performances are always fantastic, especially when he dives into the life of someone real just like he did when portraying Michael Burry in The Big Short. With an outstanding cast and McKay to take the reins, I have hope that Vice will be a solid biopic.

Vice comes out Christmas of this year. You can watch the trailer below:

Image via Annapurna Pictures



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