What We Know: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The epic crossover event that beats out Infinity War is almost here. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will bring classic and obscure characters in gaming to fight to the (I assume) death. Nintendo hopes to blow fans away with its new additions and a large roster of characters. Before purchasing the new title, here is everything we know so far.


Every character from any iteration of the Super Smash Bros. series will make an appearance in the new title. Along with old favorites returning, 11 new fighters will be added such as Daisy and Dark Samus. That makes the roster count to be over 70 characters.



103 stages will be playable at launch. Each stage will include a Battlefield and Final Destination version. The additional forms make for over 300 stages to use as you battle it out in this epic crossover game.

A new map modifier called Stage Morph allows for a stage to turn into another during a battle.

While plenty of old favorites return for players to fight again on beloved stages, plenty of new additions will be made. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey will have their own inspired arenas.


Image via Nintendo


Gameplay Changes

Tweaks are being made for both hardcore players and casual newcomers. While the gameplay will have enhanced accessibility to controls and move sets, alterations for speed can help both new gamers to the series and old-school fans.

Spirits will be a collectible and equipment to make your preferred fighter more powerful. Primary spirits upgrade a character’s stats. Support will allow for additional abilities like healing. A rarity system will be in place from novice to legendary, the rarer, the better. The three power types will consist of red for an attack, green for grab, and blue for a shield.

Amiibo Use

Yes, the fun collectible item can be used. Also, Nintendo will bring out brand new figures for all of your hardcore collectors.


Five additional content packs will be released after launch. Each DLC will come with a new fighter, a stage to accompany the new character, and new music. Each DLC will cost $6, or $25 for the Fighter Pass, the game’s season pass.

Release Date and Platforms

December 7 on Nintendo Switch

With three weeks left, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be out in no time. You can pre-order the game below and check out the trailer:


Images and videos via Nintendo

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