Song Impression: Thy Art is Murder – Death Perception

The Australian deathcore group Thy Art is Murder is back with a brand new track. I have such a love-hate relationship with their music. A part of me wants to like them more, but as their last record, they continue to churn out uninspired work.

Right from the first click, an explosive opening of too familiar sounding riffs and drumming along with singer CJ McMahon’s distinct ferocious screams. Try blindfolding people and having them listen to the guitars then they would probably not be able to tell between Death Perception or any other song in the band’s catalog due to the uninspired riffs and generic breakdowns. Even McMahon’s vocals have no variety except for some brief moments of going lower, but nothing caught my ear as interesting.

One of the few moments the short, rapid-fire track delivers something different is in the solo. A fast and generic delivery that could be mistaken for a million other songs by extreme metal artists.

The best aspect is the lyrics. McMahon is back with the same themes as always, centering around religion, but he seemed more passionate and determined with his message than the dull Dear Desolation. I am brought back to the all-powerful Holy War. He screams, “Bring forth the lamb of the sacrifice / One more heretic to crucify / Stained with the blood, the mark of the three.”

Not much can be said for the new song besides how disappointed I feel. Thy Art is Murder showed real promise despite the flaws in their third record, Holy War. Then I could not stand the emptiness of Dear Desolation. All I can do is hope for the new album to get better.

Check out the song below:

Image via Thy Art is Murder/Nuclear Blast Records


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