14 Most Anticipated Games for 2019

2019 is one month away, so why not get hyped for upcoming games? Plenty of excellent new titles are on the way in January and February. Right after that first onslaught, more will come. Some of these do not have a release date, but let us have some optimism that everything that looks incredible will be out as soon as possible.

The list will comprise of games I am excited about. Sorry, but that means no Kingdom Hearts III here.

#14: Resident Evil 2 (Capcom) Release Date: January 25

I only played a handful of the Resident Evil games. I cannot wait to dive into the remaster/reimagined Resident Evil 2. While most of the game is the same, the camera is fixed as a third person shooter, and some other tweaks have been made for a modern audience. The game looks beautiful in the most horrific way. 2019 will start off with some blood, guts, and scares.

#13: Metro: Exodus (4A Games/Deep Silver) Release Date: February 15

I am a huge fan of the Metro series, but I am conflicted about wanting to play Anthem too due to Exodus coming out a week earlier than Anthem. Exodus has a lot to accomplish if it wants to beat its excellent predecessor, the second game Metro: Last Light.

Going for more open, larger levels while maintaining the linear story, Exodus continues from the last game. This time the world will be harsher than ever with an extra emphasis on survival.

#12: Anthem (Bioware/EA) Release Date: February 22

What looks like the ability to play as Iron Man in Bioware’s upcoming sci-fi title is all that I need to be sold. Everything shown so far from E3 looks fantastic. Flying around and shooting monstrous creatures with friends will be a blast.

I have my doubts. Games like Destiny and The Division have the same service style that Anthem will go for, which makes me worried because I hate Destiny and The Division. Bioware, do the games as a service genre some much-needed justice.

#11: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (From Software/Bandai Namco) Release Date: March 22

I am dreading Sekiro because, with no cooperative mode, I have my doubts about finishing this one. Despite my lack of skill, I am impressed with the new direction From Software is taking. A sharp turn away from Dark Souls while still keeping the extreme difficulty and cryptic storytelling that fans love.

#10: Days Gone (SIE Bend Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment) Release Date: April 22

PlayStation has slaughtered the competition with its exclusives. The next big one is the biker, open-world, post-apocalyptic game titled Days Gone. A brutal survival experience that puts players in the shoes of a biker. A game about this dysfunctional family trying to fight against freakers, the Bend Studio’s version of a zombie.

I know they want us to call them freakers, but let’s all be honest, they are zombies.

I see naysayers on this one, but with Sony’s track record, I am confident this will be another excellent experience.

#9: Mortal Kombat 11 ((Netherrealm) Release Date: April 22

The most surprising part of the Video Game Awards came from Netherrealm who unleashed the trailer for the next Mortal Kombat. Expect plenty of excellent action, gruesome violence, and plenty of old and new characters to play. While the games are predictable, the studio always knows how to create a quality product.

#8: Rage 2 (id Software, Avalanche Studios/Bethesda Softworks) Release Date: May 14

I never played the first Rage, but I never heard anything that good. The lackluster response makes it all the more surprising to see a sequel after all these years.

What makes me excited, besides the bombastic trailers, is that id Software is teaming up with the minds behind Just Cause. The best developers of FPSs and the developers of one of the most untamed open-world series coming together to make an open-world FPS? Count me in.

#7: Code Vein (Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment) Release Date: TBC 2019

Instead of From Software developing a difficult soul-crushing title, their family at Bandai Namco are making their own game that will make players sweat with intense battles. What many have donned as an anime Dark Souls, not a lot is known about Code Vein.

#6: Dying Light 2 (Techland/Techland Publishing) Release Date: TBC 2019

The first Dying Light felt like an apology for the disappointing Dead Island titles mixed with some parkour. Despite some flaws, the game was a ton of fun, especially with friends.

The sequel will focus on choices and the consequences that come from your actions. The world will alter depending on what you do, which the industry as a whole has a hard-on for. I am all about impactful choices, but sadly most games flop in this mechanic.

#5: Wolfenstein: Youngblood (MachineGames/Bethesda Softworks) Release Date: TBC 2019

The new Wolfenstein series sticks out for being one of the most fun, bombastic shooters in years. Full of ridiculous characters, insane violence, and plenty of dead Nazis.

This time players can play with a friend since you will play as the twin daughters of protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz. Instead of having one awesome Jewish protagonist, you get two. Plus you can never have too many dead Nazis.

#4: DOOM Eternal (id Software/Bethesda Softworks) Release Date: TBC 2019

Will the TBC selections on the list are probably not going to make 2019, I feel confident in id Software and Bethesda to get DOOM Eternal out soon.

The 2016 reboot oozes with guts, heavy metal, and excellent gunplay. I love the game, and I can’t wait to see how id Software enhances the experience. Id makes the best first-person shooters games in the industry, and they cannot be stopped.

#3: Control (Remedy Entertainment/505 Games) Release Date: TBC 2019

While not much is known about Remedy’s upcoming project, I am too curious by the E3 presentation.

#2: Ghost of Tsushima (Sucker Punch Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment) Release Date: TBA

The Samurai genre never gets love, until now. Sucker Punch aims to deliver a mostly realistic look at the Mongolian invasion of Japan that happened hundreds of years ago. While rooting itself in history, the game will be a work of fiction to make sure gamers have a fun time in this ancient world.

#1: The Last of Us 2 (Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment) Release Date: TBA

I need this game to come out in 2019. Nothing has hit me emotionally like The Last of Us.

The gameplay reveal showed off the impressive animations, and gruesome combat blew my expectations away. Naughty Dog will blow the industry out of the water with their storytelling and details in this grisly sequel.

That is what I am looking forward to for 2019. The year starts off strong and will continue to do so throughout the entire year. What are you looking forward to the most?

Header image via SIE Bend Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment, FromSoftware/Bandai Namco, Bioware/EA


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