7 Avengers: Endgame Theories

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have a lot to tackle to defeat Thanos, salvage the universe after the snap, and the aftermath from Infinity War and beyond. Of course, curiosity floods the internet once a major trailer releases, so let’s take a look at some of the biggest theories floating around.


#7: Spider-Man plays a big role

Okay, I know he is dead at the end of Infinity War, but Spider-Man could have a significant impact by the end.

The significance of Endgame is unlike anything that has been ever shown in the MCU. One reason for this is how the future films will look after Thanos loses his quest for “saving” the universe. In this mission to stop the Mad Titan, plenty more lives will be lost. Once characters like Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor are gone forever, fresher faces need to carry the torch, one of which is Spidey.

The wall-crawler has already been confirmed to move the future forward, which is a brilliant idea to have the most popular hero play that part. With Far From Home taking place moments after Endgame, some transition will take place within this next movie that will showcase the passing of the torch.

Any presence of Spider-Man will possibly happen during the last act, the perfect time for him to step up into the shoes of his mentors.

Marvel Studios

#6: Destroy the Infinity Stones

Thanos gets killed, then what? The protagonists will have to worry for the rest of their lives about some other evil entity getting ahold of the most powerful items in the universe. The comics dealt with the issue by having guardians look after the stones, but that could leave for someone strong enough to become another Thanos-like enemy.

Destroying the valuable stones would eliminate anyone getting their hands on them ever again. Some of the heroes are powerful enough to complete this task. Captain Marvel’s strength could be enough, but other heroes have the power too. Wanda/Scarlet Witch destroys the Mind Stone before Thanos rewinds time to undo her damage. Due to her powers stemming from the stone, she is more than capable to wipe out these objects from existence, if she gets brought back to life.

Marvel Studios

#5: Captain Marvel saves Tony Stark and Nebula

Nebula and Tony seem stuck in their current dire situation. Since the new hero who will lead the Avengers to victory over Thanos has a long journey to get to Earth, maybe she will stumble upon our two starving protagonists.

Captain Marvel will return Tony and Nebula to Earth, reunite with the surviving powered beings, then take down the Mad Titan.

#4: Hawkeye’s family is dead

Hawkeye has turned to the dark side as his more morbid alter ego, Ronin. Something traumatic has to happen to make him turn to the sword, so his family turning to dust makes sense. Nothing else could make a man who sat out Infinity War walk down this road other than his only reason for standing back gets wiped off this Earth.

Hopefully, this means for a more exciting future for the character due to a lack of development for him compared to the rest of the giant roster of powerful personalities.

Marvel Studios

#3: Tony Stark makes a suit to match Thanos

Tony always has a plan. If Hulk went on an unstoppable rampage, he has the Hulkbuster armor, so why not something for Thanos? He needs to get back to his home planet and get enough supplies, and maybe some help, to build a new suit that can take on an all-powerful being with all of the infinity stones.

Marvel Studios

#2: More characters join the fight

With their numbers down, the Avengers need more help other than Captain Marvel. Although the new heroine will make a major difference, mostly because she is the most powerful character introduced into the universe, but more people need to step in. With almost every significant film in the MCU brings in several characters like Civil War and the first two Avengers, new heroes can be brought in to replace some of the lives that will be lost by the end of Endgame.

Besides introducing new faces, old faces can pop up. Even villains might join to defeat Thanos because even the most evil of beings still need people in their life to take over the world or to care about.

#1: Ant-Man is the key to defeating Thanos

Ant-Man has an understanding of the quantum realm unlike anyone else. Maybe killing Thanos will be too difficult so there might be an alternative. Tricking and then trapping the purple giant could lead to being the perfect prison.

The Infinity Stones did not turn Ant-Mant to dust, which leaves some speculation that the gauntlet will not give Thanos the power to free himself. If the stones cannot use their power then there will never be a worry about any Mad Titan breakout in the future.

With that said, what are some of your theories for Avengers: Endgame? What did you think of these theories?

Avengers: Endgame releases April 26, 2019

Header image via Marvel Studios

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