9 Best Rock and Metal Albums of 2018

Rock is not dead, especially with these heavy bangers throughout the year. So much came out, listing all of the best would take hours or days to discuss. Satanic metal, apocalyptic themes, and soothing acoustic tracks, 2018 has it all to satisfy any mood you feel.

#9: Carnifex – Bury Me in Blasphemy 

While Carnifex’s superb EP came out of nowhere, the lack of songs, especially original pieces, marks it low on the roster but does not disqualify how strong track stands. The original song Bury Me in Blasphemy contains the black metal inspired atmosphere and their continued stance to deliver some of the most emotional, dark music in modern extreme metal. The two covers, Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like a Hole and Slipknot’s Heretic Anthem bludgeon listeners with an excellent homage to the two iconic bands while making something so classic their own piece of art.

Buy: Bury Me in Blasphemy

#8: Fit for a King – Dark Skies

While I have issues with Fit for a King, their music always resonates with me, especially with their new record. Dark Skies shows the metalcore outfit has grown in every way while still displaying there is always room for improvement. Catchy choruses, brutal breakdowns, and lyrics that will pull your heartstrings until you cry. Whether or not you are a fan of them, they deserve anyone to listen to their new album to give it a try.

Buy: Dark Skies

#7: Ledger – Ledger

Jenn Ledger from Skillet unleashed her new EP, a side project that shows how much range she has as a musician. Catchy songs and some impressive vocal variety give her an edge over almost every other rock album to come out this year. While I love her in Skillet, I want more Ledger as soon as possible.

Buy: Ledger EP

#6: You Me at Six – VI

Members of You Me at Six, their fans, and critics disapprove of the last record, Night People, which I personally love, but compared to the other albums, it felt weaker. A year album they hit hard with a funky, experimental album. Their classic sound resonates throughout along with plenty of new sounds that the British outfit has never touched before.

Not only has You Me at Six released a great rock record, but they get the award for the worst title. Seriously, VI sucks, we get it, it is the sixth album.

Buy: VI

#5: Breaking Benjamin – Ember 

Breaking Benjamin never fails despite having a formula for their work. Ember shows the same side to the band the world has always seen, but with a heavier and darker twist. The latest release from the rockers provides the heaviest we have seen that does not stop. Once the first song starts, there is no going back.

Buy: Ember

#4: Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream

Easily the best metalcore album of the year. Ice Nine Kills gives storytelling in music another meaning with this horror-themed record with each track taking on another iconic scary movie. Full of haunting atmospheres, gruesome breakdowns, and detailed, tongue-in-cheek lyrics that are lifted up even further by Spencer Charnas’ beautiful, yet terrifying voice.

Buy: The Silver Scream

#3: Disturbed – Evolution

Disturbed have a formula, but they will always be my favorite band. They outdid themselves by dividing their latest release with half typical Disturbed-esque songs along with the other half consisting of ballads. While I had a few gripes with the approach, plenty of surprises and powerful songs make up for a few minor flaws in an otherwise excellent album from one of the top hard rock bands.

Buy: Evolution

#2: Behemoth – I Loved You at Your Darkest

Clutch onto a cross because Behemoth released another evil record that builds upon their phenomenal last release, The Satanist. The Polish blackened-death metal band had quite the task to top their tenth album, but I Loved You at Your Darkest continues to show how much they have developed and how they will still stand against all that is holy and stand beside all that is wicked.

Buy: I Loved You At Your Darkest

#1: Ghost – Prequelle 

Papa Emeritus is dead, now a new character claims the throne in Ghost’s story arc.

The Swedish Satanic rock group takes the number one spot for best album of the year. Besides their creative storyline that hides behind the music, the record shows their creative juices flow with an immense amount of strength. Disco rock songs to saxophone solos, Ghost has surprises around every corner for the perfect amount of contrast to create one of the best albums in recent years, which says a lot because the band’s last release, Meliora was hard to beat, apparently not.

Buy: Prequelle

What are your favorite albums of 2018? What do you think of my list? Comment them below.

Image via Underdog Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Metalblade Records


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