Top 7 Movies of 2018

While this year had plenty of quality films to watch, I sadly missed too many to catch up on. With that said, the ones I have caught either blew me away with their original ideas and beautiful execution or disappointed me greatly. Let’s give praise to the best of the best from 2018 to see who reigns victorious.

Stick to the end for honorable mentions of films that are fun, but not top movie quality.

#7: A Quiet Place

Before praising this original horror flick, I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed. The hype got to me since I saw A Quiet Place two months ago. With the hype and glaring plot holes, John Krasinski delivers a surprising film that shows he has plenty of range in his acting and talents as a filmmaker.

I was already sold due to the incredible concept for this story and Emily Blunt who always puts on a fantastic show. Due to her real-life relationship with Krasinski, their chemistry works beautifully and feels as real as their love they have for each other off camera.

A genius idea that executes its premise well along with some superb performances and horrific monster designs. Horror fans need to see this film because not enough good ideas in the genre are done well enough unlike Krasinski’s heart pumping thriller.

Buy: A Quiet Place

#6: Annihilation

Alex Garland’s second directed film, Annihilation, further proves his talent to write and direct excellent, stunning works of art. An adaption from the first novel in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, a brilliant, but complex sci-fi narrative that is full of beauty, brutality, and will make you have to think hard.

Sadly, the film did quite poorly at the box office, so the story will most likely not get completed. With some luck due to a niche fan base, Garland can adapt the other two novels.

Buy: Annihilation

#5: A Star Is Born

I love Bradley Cooper, the man can always surprise audiences with his transformative performances, but now he can show he can sing, play instruments, and direct one of the best movies of the year, despite being one of many remakes.

Lady Gaga and Cooper have a fantastic chemistry that shines through while the story shows the darker sides of the music industry and stardom. The multidimensional outlook on entertainment is full of success, joy, and plenty of demons lurking in the shadows.

Surprisingly, the music did not hinder the Cooper’s take on A Star Is Born. His and Gaga’s sheer talent remained impressive every second throughout. It is almost unfair by how much talent these two people hold.

Buy: A Star Is Born

#4: Hereditary

The year’s best horror film, and one of the greatest of all time, Hereditary goes beyond the oversaturated supernatural genre by telling a compelling story about loss, grief, and mental illness.

While the horror elements were more on the creep factor and to psychologically dismantle the audience, the meat of the film comes from the family drama as these people try their best to cope with the loss of a beloved family member.

Everyone’s performance was excellent; however, Toni Collette deserves an Academy Award for her gripping acting. Mixed with excellent writing from director Ari Aster along with Collette’stunning portrayal of a grieving wife and mother shook me to my core.

Horror has plenty of success recently, but Hereditary is truly groundbreaking even with the overabundance of ghost and possession movies.

Buy: Hereditary

#3: Eighth Grade

Apparently going into this masterpiece, I felt I was the only one to not know who Bo Burnham was, but now I see why so many people adore his work.

Burnham’s directorial debut has more heart than almost anything I have ever seen. Full of awkwardness that made me squirm in my seat, comedy that made me laugh to the point of tears, and resonating drama that brought those tears out again for an entirely different reason. Whether someone is a Boomer, Gen Xer, or Millennial, everyone can relate on some capacity because middle school is the worst.

Out of every Oscar contender from the year, I will be furious if Eighth Grade gets ditched for the popular kids. Elsie Fisher’s performance as Kayla rivals Collette by how moving she is in every moment. A truly talented young actress who has a bright future ahead of her.

The most important film to watch from 2018. Parents can learn how to figure out their troubled teen, teens can figure out how to survive their parents and obnoxious students at school, and twenty-somethings can gain perspective on those times that they may have missed when they were experiencing those moments during their teenage years.

Buy: Eighth Grade

#2: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The year’s best-looking film, right next to Annihilation, has more to offer besides stunning visuals and a heroic story from one of the most iconic superheroes. A resonating message for all ages. Whether someone is a casual moviegoer or a hardcore comic book reader, Spider-Verse opens itself to anyone with its rich lore, golden sense of humor, and dramatic beats that blend well with the contrasting tones.

Buy: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

#1: Avengers: Infinity War

Of course, I am ranking Infinity War at number one. I wrote so many articles on this film and the MCU as a whole. A long ride that goes by quick due to its perfect pacing by mixing excellent storytelling, phenomenal character dynamics, and astounding battle scenes. Ten years in the making and Marvel hit their biggest hit yet.

All I need is the conclusion from Endgame which I cannot wait for.

Buy: Avengers: Infinity War

Honorable Mentions:

Deadpool 2

Black Panther

Ant-Man and the Wasp


Blood Fest

Header image via A24, Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures


2 thoughts on “Top 7 Movies of 2018”

  1. I would have disagree and say that Black Panther deserves to be on the proper list, but Annhilation!!! I really need to see that, I loved Ex Machina and this looks like such an interesting follow up.

    Happy New Year!


    1. I understand. I liked “Black Panther,” but not one of my top favorites from the MCU. Still a great movie. Plus, you need to see “Annihilation” because it has a lot of similarities to “Ex Machina” in terms of Garland’s directing style. Fantastic movie, beautiful and thought-provoking.

      Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for the feedback!


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