10 Bands Everyone Must See Live

The legendary Slipknot have announced their first North America tour with Volbeat, Gojira, and Behemoth. The nine-member outfit has been recognized for not only their theatrics, musical abilities, but also their impeccable performance live. To celebrate the Knot coming back to tear the world apart with new music and their shows, here are 10 bands that everyone needs to see live.

To note, I will not list Slipknot due to the obvious mention above, but do enjoy the beginning of this article with one of their best performances to date:

#10: Amon Amarth

The Viking infused death metal group delivers a unique experience full of fierce pyrotechnics, tight playing, and their Viking thematics coming to life on stage. From giant recreations of Viking ships to having full on battles to create full-on war for the masses to witness. It is hard to beat Amon Amarth when it comes to theatrics for a concert.

#9: Behemoth

Nothing is more metal than corpse paint, fire, and Satan. Behemoth delivers on all fronts for a theatrical show for the evilest metalheads.  Be sure to bring a pentagram and ready to make a sacrifice when coming to see this Polish blackened death metal group.

#8: Lamb of God

One of heavy metal’s most melodic, groovy, and heaviest bands to come out in the last 20 plus years. Lamb of God has that perfect mix of something melodic and brutal. The biggest attraction to them is their hyper-energetic frontman, Randy Blythe. Expect nonstop running, jumping, and all-out carnage when watching this man perform.

#7: The Black Dahlia Murder

The tightest band I have ever seen live, which says a lot compared to the many superb musicians I have been able to witness in concert. The Black Dahlia Murder stands as one of the strongest death metal acts that continue to bring energy with a twisted sense of humor with the random things you may hear from vocalist Trevor Strnad.

#6: A Day to Remember

It is hard to find a band more diverse than A Day to Remember. A fusion of metalcore, pop punk, and plenty of soothing acoustic tracks to make for a show that can satisfy everyone. The energetic songs are accompanied by the band’s production and high energy as they are in the air most of the duration of the show while able to transition into those more intimate moments for the softer portions.

#5: Skillet

While the Christian rockers might standout compared to some of heavier acts here, but they still pack a punch harder than some of the most extreme metal groups. Skillet goes all out on their production and has relentless energy that will have veteran metalheads start to sweat in the pit or in the back as they bang their heads.

#4: Rammstein

The all mighty German band has made a name for themselves both on and off the stage. Their lighting and fire beat out almost everyone in the rock and metal scene. When looking at any list of top live bands to see, Rammstein will always pop up.

#3: Iron Maiden

Many bands burn out on their shows as they get older, but not Iron Maiden. The legendary group has not tired out. While the energy is higher than some bands in their 20s, they have the money to put into some insane production. Despite their age, they still manage to play plenty of shows so nobody can have an excuse to miss this one.

#2: Korn

Korn has remained as a dominant force since the 90s and still reign supreme amongst other artists and performers. Full of spectacular lights and platforms that disperse the band all throughout the stage as they tear things apart can never be a bad thing for any rock or metal act.

#1: Parkway Drive

Besides Slipknot, these Australian metallers are my dream band to see live. Going to one of these shows will surely singe the hairs your hairs and leave your neck hurting in the morning. Nothing wrong with a lot of fire and some neck snapping music.

Who are some of your favorite live bands? If you have not seen someone, then put out some of your bucket list bands that you are dying to see in concert.

Image via Commons Wikimedia/Matthias Bauer



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