Interview: Gnostic Gorilla

1. How did Gnostic Gorilla come about?

Gnostic Gorilla grew out of an earlier project called The Lonely Ghost Project, which was actually the name of the so-called indie label Lonely Ghost Productions initially. As a teenager, I wrote and recorded, with a great band (Dave Davidson, Tony Bourdeau, Shawn Saunders and Chris Byrne) a 45 rpm single titled Dark Hallway/Golgotha. In 2012 I found a renewed interest in writing and recording electronic music, and eventually found myself experimenting with more ‘dark’ styles…industrial, Gothic, dark wave’. In 2015 I released independently on the label LGP-ONE the album St. Basil’s Asylum, using the project name Gnostic Gorilla. In between 2016 and 2018, I released a few more albums as an indie as well (Secularization of Robotics, Grey Chaos and Psalm for The Lost) as well as a variety of singles. In January of 2018, I was offered a label deal with Cleopatra Records and they wanted to rerelease St. Basil’s Asylum. Yet another album is slated for release by Cleopatra Records titled, Shaman Rave. This release could come in the Spring or Summer of this year.

2. What are some of your biggest influences that have shaped your music?

There are bands/artists who have inspired me and then there are bands/artists that have influenced me. The former category are Gary Numan, Type O Negative, Bauhaus, Japan (David Sylvian) Ozzy Osbourne/Sabbath, KISS, The Cult, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins and the list is endless actually. As for what has a more direct influence on my own approach to writing/recording music I’d say Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Rammstein, Korn, and to some degree NIN. I have to mention here, that one of the bands I admire most is The Doors. Jim Morrison’s lyric writing is an inspiration to me. But also, as regards lyrics, I’d have to say that ‘Beck’ has some amazing lyrics. The soundtrack for Queen of The Damned is absolutely amazing and has also inspired me.

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3. Have you met any of your favorite musicians and what were those experiences like? If you have not met anyone, then who do you want to meet the most?

I have met Gary Numan (several times) Peter Steele and Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative, Nash the Slash three times, members of the Tragically Hip, Dan Akroyd (ya know…Blues Bothers). As for whom I’d like to meet now? Probably Al Jourgenson (we share a label) and David Sylvian and Ian Astbury.

4. What are some long-term goals for Gnostic Gorilla?

Lots of material still to promote. Gnostic Gorilla is also on a few different compilations (one already released… Electric Shock 02 on KL Dark Records) and two sort of ‘best of’ albums (with some remixes) on KL Dark Records and Nowhere Now Records. As well, I’m a guest lyricist and vocalist on two tracks with CRIX IIIX from Australia.

5. What is the biggest accomplishment you have had so far?

I think more or less the label deal with Cleopatra is an amazing thing to happen. The guys at the label have a neat vision and I’m grateful to have my little niche with that label. As well, two other label deals: KL Dark Records and Nowhere Now Records.

6. What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

The forthcoming release of Shaman Rave and other projects. I’m also looking at finding a label to take on Hide The Ghost, which I have released independently, as it is in my estimation an excellent album, destined to be a classic in the underground scene.

Find out more about Gnostic Gorilla on their website.

Special thanks to Rogue PR and Gnostic Gorilla


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