5 Villains Who Could Come After Thanos in Phase Four

Thanos’ time runs out shortly later this month with the release of Avengers: Endgame. Since the MCU has built up the Mad Titan for years and gets ready to move on, the big question is who will replace him? A lot of universe shattering or less dramatic Earthling baddies could be the next big threat against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. These are just a few of those possible enemies.

#5: Sinister Six

Six of Spider-Man’s biggest villains coming together to defeat him would make for the perfect challenge. Since the MCU has focused on more collaborative adventures lately and will continue to do so in the future, then it would be perfect for Spidey to call his friends in the Avengers to help him with this hefty fight.

Some of these criminals who often feature in this diabolical gang in New York has implanted themselves into the MCU already. Vulture featured as the main antagonist in Homecoming with Shocker being a side baddie along with the inclusion of Mac Gargan, who eventually becomes the infamous Scorpion. Now with Far From Home arriving this summer with Mysterio, who appears as a hero with the possibility of turning sides, makes for the fourth character to feature in the Sinister Six. A third film could introduce two more; she which would be easy due to the team of villains having a long history of various members like Kraven the Hunter, Doc Ock, and Green Goblin.


Image via Marvel Comics

#4: Doctor Doom

Fox has already screwed up the most recognizable villain, Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom with their embarrassing attempts at making Fantastic Four adaptions. Now the acquisition has gone through; Marvel can stick their teeth into the glorious superheroes and supervillains at their disposal.

Many people who have only seen the movies would think of the infamous character as someone who faces the Fantastic Four exclusively, but he has had a history with the Avengers. While it would make for a good move on Marvel’s part to dive into more obscure choices, but fans deserve a quality execution of bringing Doctor Doom to the big screen.

Victor’s arsenal of weapons, super armor, and political and economic power from being the monarch of Latveria, a European country that Doom rules over, he covers all bases of strength that could pose a problem for everyone’s favorite team of heroes.


Image via Marvel Comics

#3: Kang the Conqueror 

Kang is a time traveler who got bored with his utopian home and in his adventures became a conqueror of planets. He has a long history with running into Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Since the introduction of time travel with the time stone and other cosmic ideas, Marvel could easily introduce Kang. If Endgame does dabble with traveling through time, then this could be the easiest excuse to tease the new antagonist in the after credit scene, which could be unlikely due to the recency of Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox.


Image via Marvel Comics

#2: Magus

Adam Warlock’s tease at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 establishes his future presence, but what if he becomes a villain? That is possible since he has a history of being Magus, essentially his doppelganger. Another time travel oriented opponent who lives in another timeline than the heroic Warlock.

While Thanos has an army of aliens and his children, Magus founded the Universal Church of Truth which gives him more than his cosmic powers, but a legion of followers who will do anything for their master.

Magus has the same powers as Adam with equal strength. His cosmic abilities allow for manipulation of time and reality, strength, and much more. Now Captain Marvel enters the MCU as their most powerful hero; she will be able to help even the odds if Magus makes an appearance.


Image via Marvel Comics


#1: Galactus 

Arguably the most dominant cosmic entity in the universe, Galactus. A world-eating behemoth who could crush anyone in seconds. Besides snacking on planets, he has god-like strength and seemingly endless universal energy powers.

If Thanos is Mt. Everest in the eyes of Marvel, they are looking to the sky to bring utter hell to our heroes. While there are reasons to think Marvel will want to turn to someone more grounded like the Sinister Six, but it is most likely it will be needed to find someone more powerful than the Mad Titan, so nobody is a better choice than the oldest entity in the known universe.


Image via Marvel Comics

Avengers: Endgame releases April 26










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