7 Most Emotional Moments in the MCU That Broke Everyone’s Heart

Fans everywhere were devastated after watching Infinity War last year. Since its followup, Endgame arrives in a few weeks, fans like myself are mentally preparing for more heartbreak and a conclusion that can hopefully mend our demolished souls. Marvel has had plenty of crushing blows to their fans (in the best way possible), and it sounds like a good time to go back down on memory lane and cry together as we relive these moments.

#7: Spider-Man Meets the Date’s Dad (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

The ultimate twist happened in Spidey’s first standalone flick in the MCU. When he knocks on the door to take out his crush, Liz, only to see her father open the door and it is his nemesis, the Vulture. The entire scene with them in the home of Spider-Man’s villain and the car ride to the dance was unbearably uncomfortable. This scene hit me hard, and my heart sank, unlike any other feeling I have ever had in my movie watching life. I felt the same way as Peter as he tried to comprehend what just happened.

#6: Best Friends Fighting (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

The climax of Winter Soldier throws a lot at the audience. Hydra has taken over S.H.I.E.L.D., and now Captain America must face his best friend, who turns out has been brainwashed. His refusal to fight and lets himself get beaten down at the end hurts to watch. A man discovering his friend is alive but turns out he is against him. Hard to get more crushing than that.

#5: Yondu’s Death and Funeral (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)

The heroes that fly through the cosmos always deliver some heartfelt beats but focus mostly on humor. Having comedy as the centerpiece of any adventure with the Guardians makes it that much more shocking by the ending of their second adventure. Yondu sacrifices himself and the film ends on his funeral. I thought I would leave that theater laughing; instead, my eyes were waterfalls of tears and I was a broken man by the end.

#4: Mantis Discovering Drax’s Pain (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)

Another scene that ripped my heart out in the second Guardians of the Galaxy was when Mantis and Drax were sitting down, looking over at Ego’s planet. Drax talks about his family and Mantis feels his arm to sense his emotions. She truly feels his pain and the goofy Guardian that we love then realize how much of that pain is carried wherever he goes.

#3: Avengers vs. Avengers (Captain America: Civil War)

Nobody wants their parents to fight, and in this case, those parents are our heroes. Split on political opinions and misinformation from trickery in the background, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes go at each other’s throats. People get severely hurt and the team breaks up due to this conflict, and the world is left a lot less safe when the time comes for the Mad Titan.

#2: Tony Discovers How His Parents Died (Captain America: Civil War)

Marvel really did not pull any punches during Civil War, especially towards the end. Tony discovering Bucky killed his parents was not enough of a painful revelation for fans and Tony alike. Now he fights Bucky and Captain America, which is both one of the most violent fights we have seen and emotional. Seeing two of the leaders of the Avengers almost kill one another never gets easier to watch.

#1: Every Death (Avengers: Infinity War)

The fight finally came with Thanos in Infinity War. From Loki’s death right out of the gate to Gamora’s heartwrenching murder to the snap, this film beats its audience and heroes down until they submit.

Many of the dead will come back in Endgame, but plenty has to happen to keep those consequences and the power that Thanos had over the universe. If Marvel permanently kills off enough people or keeps enough dead from the many kills, then this will always hit hard. If they pull back too much, then this will be a scrape rather than a beating to our emotions.

What are some gut-punching moments for you in the MCU? Comment below on what made you cry when watching Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Images and clips via Marvel Studios


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