News: Tarah Who? Announced Documentary Series

The independent band Tarah Who? has recently announced a documentary series called How it All Began. The group will dive into many subjects about their history and various aspects of the music industry.

Tarah Who? was founded by Tarah G. Carpenter, the leading visionary behind the upcoming series and aims to give her fans an in-depth look into the group’s identity and how they formed. The pilot will show how Carpenter came together with her bandmates, Coralie Herve and Joey Southern. The first episode will also go into Tarah’s views on the industry.

“I started playing music when I was 14, and I  wanted to play the drums,” says the founding member. “But I remember having to deal with a share amount of sexism, because ‘girls don’t play drums’ we were told. I had teachers who did not take me seriously and made me feel uncomfortable. I started teaching myself because I was tired of having to prove how strongly I felt about learning how to play the drums or the bass to get approval.”


Following episodes will go into a variety of subjects that directly and indirectly involve the band. Topics on women in the music industry, social media use for an artist, and plenty of interviews from other music groups.

One goal of Carpenter’s is to deliver a behind the scenes perspective that will educate viewers on what it takes to make a band work from promotion, writing music, and touring. The positives and negatives will come together to allow for a realistic outlook on how people survive as touring musicians.

Carpenter describes the business end of being in a band, “A few years went by, and I started having the urge to write, express myself. I taught myself how to play the guitar and wrote a few songs,” she says. “In 2006, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my music dreams. Most people listen to bands without really knowing or understanding what it is to be a musician and what the process of making music is. It’s an enormous endeavor, from writing songs, to finding the right people to make your project come to life – you are the CEO of your own business.”

Carpenter talks about how her biggest goal is to show a different perspective on the industry and how musicians survive on the road. She wants to expose challenges from “pay to play” shows and the difficulties involved with festivals.

The series does not have an official release date yet, but the end card on the trailer says it is “coming out soon.”

To keep up with the band and any developments on the documentary you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and website.

Watch the trailer below:

Images provided by Tarah Who? and Rogue PR

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