The Best Movies Across 13 Genres and Subgenres

The world of cinema has enough styles to satisfy anyone. Every month we get plenty of new films across all genres. These are what I feel are the best movies in their respective genre, so be prepared to have some hard disagreements with my opinions.

Dark Comedy/RomCom: Shaun of the Dead 

Edgar Wright is one of my favorite filmmakers, and his first big project is the number one reason for anyone to love his work. The zom-rom-com tells a genuine romance story while having its dark sense of humor as people get mangled by the undead. I have seen Shaun of the Dead more than any other movie, at least a few hundred times because everything is perfectly crafted to make for the funniest movie  I have ever seen.

Action: John Wick (The entire trilogy)

I could not pick my favorite of the three chapters of Keanu Reeves’ action-packed hitman movies. Plenty of iconic action stars have appeared on the big screen over the years like John McClane from Die Hard or Rambo, but nobody beats the boogeyman himself.

The John Wick movies have this wonderful choreography that makes it much more believable that one man can take down over a hundred people per movie. Also, the way the action is presented, there is a fluid movement that feels like a dance, making the brutal fights into something beautiful.

Animation: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 

I am not a huge animation watcher, mostly because I don’t care for family movies. Last year I broke my streak of avoiding these films by going out to witness the highly acclaimed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Not only does it tell one of the best stories from my favorite hero, but it can tell a gripping story while having that comedy for all ages. I went through a roller coaster of emotions to this stunning masterpiece.

War: Saving Private Ryan

Only a handful of war depictions on the big screen get the recognition like Saving Private Ryan. Going for the most popular choice is not always how I do things, but I cannot deny that this is the greatest war movie ever created. It is a classic that does not need an elaborate description of why it is so great. If you have not seen this, then put it on top of your list of movies to see next.

Superhero: Logan

If you have read my many articles on superheroes, then you know how much I love the MCU. While a lot of the entries into Marvel’s gigantic universe are in my top favorites for the superhero genre, but nothing to me beats Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s final run in the X-Men with Logan.

Taking the overly saturated genre by infusing it with a narrative that goes perfectly for any gripping drama while having the themes of a Western. Every minute is heartbreaking or ultra-violent with some moments of levity to prevent from feeling overwhelming.

Western: Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles takes the cake mostly because this is a genre I have struggled to enjoy with this one exception. The 1974 comedy might not pass in today’s climate, but that does not matter because, in my heart, it is a timeless classic.

Found Footage: Cloverfield

Matt Reeves’ monster flick holds up surprisingly well. Found footage films have plenty of issues, but for a movie that was made 11 years ago, the quality remains about the same.

It is a wild watch as everything snaps from friends having a party to trying their best to survive against a mysterious creature.

Romance: The Shape of Water

A seemingly ridiculous premise turns out to be the best romance story I have ever seen. Guillermo Del Toro is a mastermind at monsters especially as he tells a similar rendition of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. His love letter to one of his favorite horror movies stands out from the rest of Hollywood. It was a risky film to make, and it worked beautifully.

Sci-Fi Action: Terminator 2

Easily Schwarzenegger’s best film, Terminator 2, is a monstrous sci-fi action blend. After seeing him from a terrifying killer robot in the previous entry, the sequel twists to have the star as the hero rather than the villain.

Sadly, this relentless film will be the last truly great addition to the series as it goes downhill from here.

Sci-Fi Horror: The Thin(1982)

Easily my favorite horror film of all time, John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing is a classic that has aged terrifyingly well. The animatronics and other effects outshine plenty of modern films that utilize bad CGI over quality practical effects.

ParodyThe Cabin in the Woods

A smash between almost any classic horror film you can think of, this comedy walks carefully between scary and humorous. While plenty of jokes can get thrown at the genre, The Cabin in the Woods manages to poke fun at the slashers, monsters, and ghouls who have come before while still paying its respect to the genre.

Paranormal Horror: Hereditary

My favorite modern horror film that rivals The Thing. His first feature film was a smash hit that I regrettably missed in theaters. After all of the hype, I finally watched Hereditary after a friend gave me the blue-ray as a Christmas gift.

The emotions I felt are something that only a few movies have ever been able to accomplish. I could not shake it off for months because not only does this tell a disturbing story, it is emotionally gripping on its outlook on mental health and the process of grieving. Not only does it nail being as creepy as possible, but it ripped my heart to pieces.

It may not scare you, but watch this with someone or a few people to have a collective of reactions to the hardest hitting horror film I have ever seen.

Historical Drama: Spotlight

Usually, people think of a long time ago for historical movies, but I can’t ignore Spotlight. The Oscar winner tells the story about when the Boston Globe outed Catholic priests who were molesting children. A compelling and important narrative that cannot be forgotten. This is done respectfully and carefully to shake anyone to their core.

These only scratch the surface of how many genres there are in the world of film. Which are some of your favorites in different genres?

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