Song Impression: Unveil The Sense – Prisoner

Hungry for a change, Unveil The Sense have started down a more alternative path with their newest single, Prisoner. The experimental track has plenty of flavors to taste that work together.

An acoustic introduction gives a somber tone to the overall song. An abrasive switch comes in with backup screams in the distance. The clean singing has enough dynamics and style shifts that kept me on my toes. I was not sure what to expect next with everything that was happening.

A break comes in as an electric guitar, bass, and drums kick in with some stronger screams. Slowly the instrumentation takes a step back for a more subdued approach. The newly introduced instruments continue with steady pacing to keep a rhythm going.

The sound quality could use some tweaking to make the heavier shift sound stronger. Everything sounded weak when this turn occurred while the softer moments stand out. Enough surprises happen along with different styles to make this first single a hit and making me curious about what Unveil The Sense has planned for the future.

You can hear the song yourself below:

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Image via Unveil The Sense


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