Song Impression: Carnifex – No Light Shall Save Us (Feat. Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy)

My feelings about Carnifex started off with apathy until their 2014 release Die Without Hope completely overhauled of the band’s style that goes above the average deathcore group. Now the quartet not only announced their new album World War X but have unleashed an unforgiving, emotional journey, which is precisely what I had hoped for due to their previous records.

An eerie introduction with the light riffs from Cory Arford and Jordan Lockrey with Alissa White-Gluz’s (Arch Enemy) singing in the background to add to the seemingly safe beginning. The volume picks up to a climax that leads into the whole group’s crushing instrumentation and Scott Ian Lewis’ booming voice.

The verse sounds like a continuation on the band’s evolution. More heavy on brutal riffs, pounding bass playing from Fred Calderon, and Shawn Cameron’s drumming is like rapid artillery. Still containing that deathcore flavor, the breakdowns throughout remain just as vicious as ever.

Soon after Lewis gets matched with Gluz’s screams. The two get paired up flawlessly as Lewis’ highs and lows compliment Gluz’s mid-range voice. The two get plenty of time to shine on their own, but the rest of the song focuses both of them going full death metal together, creating a hauntingly powerful sound.

The instrumentation gets more ferocious during this shift, eventually leading into a solo from Lockrey. The sound and style remind me of previous shining moments of the guitarist, but this has a stronger sense of melody than previous Carnifex solos.

The track takes a sharp turn for a melodic, atmospheric road before ending on a skull-shattering conclusion. The instrumentation has died down, and Gluz takes the stage with her beautiful clean singing. Eventually, Lewis joins her for a duet to craft one of Carnifex’s most moving moments.

The five-piece of metalheads continues to bring out some of the heaviest and emotional music in the scene. Lewis continues his bleak lyrical themes while still showing an evolution in articulation and writing skills without becoming redundant. The atmospheric elements, especially from the addition of the band’s first guest vocalist adds a level of complexity never heard previously. World War X is off to the perfect start that has sold me instantly with its first single.

World War X comes out Aug. 2 and you can pre-order the record below along with listening to the new song No Light Shall Save Us below:

Pre-order: World War X

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Image via Nuclear Blast Records

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