EA Play 2019 Breakdown

The conferences have begun and to kick off the weekend EA Play is here. EA showed off their new title Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, news on Apex Legends and Battlefield V, the new Fifa and Madden titles, and ending with Sims 4. This is the breakdown of everything that went down.

Respawn’s Star Wars

15 minutes of gameplay along with some information has been revealed about Respawn’s singleplayer action-adventure game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

To start off, the story will take place after the events of Revenge of the Sith and will focus on the aftermath of the hunted down Jedi. Players will step into the shoes of Cal Kestis, a padawan trying to survive.

The gameplay takes place on Kashyyyk as Cal, and his companions try to save some captured Wookies. This is within the third hour of the campaign to show off some of the abilities and moves unlocked in those few short hours.

The combat did not get an in-depth explanation on how the controls work, but it was described as “free form” rather than button mashing for Cal to perform specified acts. Everything from lightsaber battles with a variety of stormtroopers and aliens to how the force shows range is a crucial component to the gameplay. The lightsaber can deflect, parry, light up dark areas, and execute enemies while the force can push, pull, and slow down anyone in your path.

Of course, it is not Respawn without movement being a core piece to the gameplay. We see Cal wall running, climbing objects, and using the force to pull a vine closer to swing onto a platform.

The different foes mean Cal needs to adjust depending on who or what he is fighting. The AI will react to other incoming enemies like flame troopers trying to fight off some bug-like aliens.

BD-1 will be Cal’s droid companion. The cute droid can hack objects, provide light in dark areas, scan the environment to give some background on the story while giving useful information, providing healing items, and bringing out a map to find objectives.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order releases on Nov. 15.

Pre-order: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4)

Pre-order: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Xbox One)

Apex Legends Season 2

Battle Charge, the second season of the battle royal game Apex Legends is coming soon with a lot of content, but before we go into that, there is news for right now.

This weekend, June 7 – 9, will be double experience.

A new event from to June 18 called the Legendary Hunt Event will allow for players to complete four challenges, two extra for season one battle pass holders and the challenges and awards are listed here: Get one top-five finish in any queue (Legendary Hunt banner badge), get five top-five finishes in any queue (Master of the Hunt Epic Bloodhound skin), win two games (Tamed Beast Legendary Triple Take skin), get one top five in Apex Elite (The Wolfpack Rare G7 Scout skin), reach Battle Pass Premium level one (Honored Prey Legendary R-301 skin), reach Battle Pass Premium Level 15 (Night Terror Legendary Wraith skin).

A new weapon for care packages called the L-Star will be available in season two. It is a rare weapon that will be so powerful that its ammo will not exist anywhere else, so use wisely.

The new legend, Watson, is a tactical character with 12 electric pylons to create fences for a variety of strategies like blocking incoming enemies and altering the flow of the battle. Her ultimate will block out attacks like grenades and mortars. She will also start to show some of the lore as the developers try to flesh out the world of Apex Legends. Her father created the arena, and all of the other legends know her well.

Battle pass improvements allow for stackable daily and weekly challenges to help players level up quicker.

A new ranked mode will pit the best of the best against one another in the next season. Go up six tiers from bronze to apex predator.

Expect plenty of new skins and cosmetic items for weapons and characters to unlock in both the Legendary Hunt and across season two.

The show ended on a teaser of an eye of a dragon-like creature with no comment from any of the developers. Keep an eye out for plenty of surprises like this.

Season two comes out July 2.

Battlefield V 

New maps and updates will enhance the experience for Battlefield players.

Marita is the new map. An infantry focused map that takes place in Greece. Narrow, close quarter areas create chaotic gameplay. The map will come sometime in July for chapter four of the game’s next phase.

Al Sandan takes players to Africa for a vast, open area to bring a sandbox style gameplay to the battle. This sounds like a traditional Battlefield experience. This map will arrive on July 27.

Operation Metro is inspired by Battlefield 3 to deliver another infantry centered map. This will launch in Oct.

Two more maps will come at a later date that will be similar to Operation Metro and Marita.

Improvements like new weapons, skins, and balances to squad respawns and loot system. Updates will arrive later this month.

Chapter five comes later this year and will explore old school Battlefield ideas like fighting on islands around Japan.

Starting now, you can play Battlefield V on EA Access.

Pre-order: Battlefield V (PS4)

Pre-order: Battlefield V (Xbox One)

Fifa 20 

The next installment in the soccer/football (depending on where you live) comes with new modes and advanced AI systems.

The “football intelligence system” will overhaul the previous AI for those non-human players to have a better understanding of plays, space, defense, and more.

Movement gets enhanced to give players more control over their plays like strafe dribbling and controlled tackling.

To give the ball more realistic physics, it has been given better spins and motion when kicked.

The biggest addition is Volta, a new street styled mode. Build your character then hit to playgrounds for 3v3, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, and Professional Futsal. The variety in areas with or without walls and different sizes will provide plenty of new ways to play.

Fifa 20 launches Sept. 27. for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Pre-order: FIFA 20 – PlayStation 4

Pre-order: FIFA 20 – Xbox One

Madden 20

New gameplay will allow players to feel more like football stars. Superstar X-Factor unlocks after completing challenges with star players to make them more elite than other characters. These special abilities set them apart and make them stronger than anyone else on the field.

Face of the Franchise is a new career mode in which you get a college player and push him through the ranks. A new Scenario Engine will create “unique playable scenarios, events, and dynamic challenges” in both franchise modes.

New plays from the NFL handbook will allow for plenty of new ways to play against other players.

Madden 20 comes out Aug. 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Pre-order: Madden NFL 20 – Xbox One

Pre-order: Madden NFL 20 (PS4)

Sims 4 

The new expansion allows for better customization and more activities for your sims.

Beachwear and activities to relax at the beach will be perfect for the outgoing sims.

Partnering with It Gets Better, a nonprofit organization, from July 18 players can celebrate pride with new clothing and gender-neutral bathroom door signs.

Moschino Stuff Pack features options from Moschino as well as a new part-time job as a fashion photographer.

Buy: The Sims 4 – Xbox One

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Image via EA/Flickr/BagoGames


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