Interview: Tarah Who? (Part 3)

1. Has music always been a big part of your life or did it come later? When was that moment for you?
Joey Southern: I was young. Seeing live music with my parents became normal and I grew a desire to play from seeing bands. Music has always been a big part of my life.
Coralie Herve: My mom took some guitar classes at the music school of my town and I followed shortly after the drums, I was 10 and I never stop hahaha. I have to say that it was only when I was in high school that I wanted to do it professionally.
Tarah G. Carpenter: In a way yes. My mom would play music all the time while cleaning the house, from Pink Floyd, to the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi… then I started listening to my own music and we shared artists. When I was 14 I remember asking to play the drums but my dad did not want me to because it was not “lady-like”. As a good kid… I obviously went to take drum lessons without telling anyone. The only issue was that I did not have much cash so I took two lessons that I was able to pay for, 2 that I was able to take until they realized that I didn’t have the money! So I taught myself the drums, and the bass by playing in bands, and I taught myself the guitar when I started writing songs.
2. What are some of your favorite albums of all time?
JS: OK Computer – Radiohead
        Grassroots – 311
        Ænima – Tool
CH: Once and Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Nightwish and Amaranthe by Amaranthe.
TGC: I don’t really have anything favorites but I still enjoy listening to JLP – Alanis, Coral Fang The Distillers, Tool, RATM, etc…
3. What are the hardest and easiest parts of making music for you?
JS: The easiest part of making music is just that… playing it. The hard part is finding like-minded musicians who you can make music with. Luckily in Tarah Who? we have great chemistry!
CH: Like Joey said, the easiest part is to just play the songs, the hard part is to give the right feeling for each songs and luckily with Tarah and Joey, we find it quickly and it works!
TGC: I think the hardest part is to let go and be totally open to your emotions, and letting them take over. The hardest part is to find the right sounds that you have in your mind. Transcribing what you hear and then telling it to other people so that they can play it they way that you hear it without offending anyone if they don’t do it right.
4. When making music, what does the creative process look like for you and the band?
JS: Tarah sends the finished songs to Coralie and I, we learn the bones of the track and meet for rehearsal to explore our options for a live performance.
CH: We have the structure and the global idea for the song with the demo that Tarah made, we can add our own style to the music and it’s really great.
TGC: Yeah, pretty much… So because I have had issues in the past, It is easier for us now that I just make the demos of the songs. We actually save a lot of time by doing so. Then I send them the demos, they learn the structure and the intentions. When we meet for rehearsal, We first try to play the songs as they are, Joey or Coralie can suggest ideas, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. They don’t if they change the intentions and emotions of the song. Also because they have their touch and technique, sometimes I have an idea I was not able to play so I sing it to them and we make it happen. The recordings are very different from the live performances, where I give a lot more freedom to Coralie and Joey to play solos, and really express themselves for the show.
5. What is the biggest dream you have for the band?
JS: Home recording studio!
CH: Be able to play everywhere in the world!
TGC: Yeah both! Just be able to play worldwide and live off of it. Have our own recording studio and rehearsal space, write, record, play non stop!
6. When did you first play music in front of an audience? What was that experience like?
JS: I was roughly 16 playing my first gigs in most likely my high school gym haha. The pressure was intense because I knew everyone in the audience and I was a rookie!!!
CH: I was 10 and it was a concert of my music school. I don’t really remember it but I’m sure that I was stressed, I still am but a lot less, hopefully. (laughs)
TGC: I was playing drums in a rock band and we played shows in bars. I was 14 (laughs). Then I was an exchange student in KY when I was 15 and I was in the PIT for the marching band. I don’t really remember how I felt… I am not really the stressed type of person, or I internalize it so much I don’t even know it myself! (laughs). I don’t know…! In a band you are not really alone.. I guess that is why…  when I started writing songs and singing… that was a different story.. It was just me and my guitar. Everyone could hear everything and every word. I would get very shy and nervous.. until one day, It just clicked and I just got used to it.
7. Out of every show, you have played, what are some experiences that stick out the most to you?
JS: I would say overall my best experiences are meeting new fans on the road. Living in the bubble of LA it can be very discouraging. But fans on the road are very responsive and excited to rock out!
TGC: I like going on tour, and to of the tours we have done with our friends were very memorable. One of the best experiences was playing in a strip club, that I had no idea I had booked. One of my best nights, and that one time in London when we played in front of hardcore punk people and I told my bandmates at the time to just play all the songs really fast. Totally worked! The one girl broke her arm and did not want to leave! She got escorted because she was really hurt.
8. What is the dream tour or festival that you would love to be a part of?
JS: Tool world tour 2020!!!
CH: The Hellfest in France,  it will be amazing !!!
TGC: Hmmm… I would love to tour with the Kills or the Distillers. Festivals… Any big festival would be fun to be a part of.
9. For the rest of the year, what plans does the band have?
JS: Practicing and conditioning for the upcoming tours!
CH: Practicing,  playing, recording … A lot of fun! (laughs)
TGC: I am working on some new songs for a new ep next year, and I am also preparing the release of the docu-series that I am working on with Aidan Grimm. Our music video for ‘Hurt’ will be released soon. Our Friend Maria Quintana was the DP and Javier Arcelus and Benny the Jet co-directed it.
Tarah Who? will be releasing a documentary series soon and you can check out the trailer below:

Thank you to the band and Rogue PR for the interview.

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Image provided by Tarah Who? and Rogue PR.



One thought on “Interview: Tarah Who? (Part 3)”

  1. Some great songs sound better with renditions

    This one from In the Moment with Maria Brink is epic paying respect to the Original iconic classic.

    Here is another from classic Jimi enjoy !!!!

    Not matter how my sound of vibes evolved I will always stay true to my roots of Twisted Metal.



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