Song Impression: The Dev – Broken Lies

The typical rock formula has been around for decades, and if done correctly, then you can get a pass on following that path. The Dev certainly follow the basic rock recipe on making a song, but do it well mostly with their sense of driving rhythms and the singing from frontwoman Elizabeth Nikollaj.

A rhythmic and powerful introduction immediately caught my attention. The guitar work from Ryan Danley has its own sound, unlike most rock groups who blend together.

The first verse really shows the band’s true colors. The drumming and bass work is nothing extraordinary. While the guitar and vocals have plenty to offer. Lleshi has raw emotion to her voice and can show off some of her range in both soft and more aggressive tones.

The highly melodic chorus can undoubtedly get stuck in my brain if I listen to it enough times. The instrumentation took a step back as she took the lead. Nothing from the rest of the band stood out as much.

The bridge takes a twist on the same riff that was done throughout while Lleshi has a great moment to project a lot of emotion about this broken relationship.

Leading into a furious solo. The most hard-driving moment in the track with the drums and bass picking up the pace as we get a classic shredding solo that gave me 80s metal vibes.

Broken Lies may not be the most special song in the world, but it is great radio rock material. Throw it on a drive or a workout, and it will surely be suitable. The Dev prove they have substance to offer the rock and metal world, just need to experiment more to find their own voice in a sea of voices.

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Image via The Dev


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