7 Bands That Changed My Life

Music has a power to it unlike anything else on the planet. The way it can connect with people on an emotional level is surreal. It has shaped me who I am and who I want to become down the road while helping me get through the hardest points in my life. While the list of my favorite groups who have influenced me could go on for way too long, these are just seven of those bands.

#7: Disturbed

Disturbed might always be my favorite band. They got me into music in the first place, and I will forever cherish it. I have never heard anyone who can produce as powerful and moving music as this Chicago quartet.

Sure, their music is pretty straight forward a lot of the times, but they have a variety in their subject manner from politics to relationships. David Draiman’s insight, along with his impressive vocal style and range makes for some adrenaline-inducing music.

The rest of the band lay the groundwork for some great melodic hard rock. They know what they want to do and execute their vision flawlessly.

#6: A Day to Remember

A lot of the middle and high school metalcore bands that get put into the same circle as A Day to Remember I don’t care for anymore, but this Florida based group is special. The reason that made me stick around after all of these years is their diverse sound by mixing metalcore and pop punk along with other influences. ADTR has a song for almost anyone from the somber acoustic tracks to their heaviest songs.

#5: Cannibal Corpse

While I don’t have interest in Cannibal Corpse anymore, they were my introduction into extreme music. I don’t remember how young I was when I first heard death metal, or what was my first, but Cannibal was the first I could recognize. They opened the door to something far heavier than I could imagine at that point in my life.

#4: Whitechapel

At a time, I fell off of extremely heavy music because I can’t relate to songs like Hammer Smash Face. To this day, I usually need something I can connect with, which is why Whitechapel changed the game for me. I never knew a band could be this extreme while having such emotion to their music.

Their recent releases diverge far away from their early work, which is another reason why I never left. These guys have evolved into a straight up metal group rather than sticking to the deathcore genre. Growth for any artist is essential, and Whitechapel’s latest album The Valley proves their skill.

#3: Breaking Benjamin

I went heavily into metal and fell out of rock for a long time. The only rock band I listened to was Disturbed, but Breaking Benjamin balanced things out perfectly. Benjamin Burnley’s soft voice with a mix of his powerful screams gave me my fix of melody and hard-driving rhythm.

When it comes to having songs to connect with, Burnley knows how to write gripping lyrics. His influence of Nirvana makes for open interpretations of his music to extend the reach he has with his fans.

#2: The Black Dahlia Murder

Like I said, I want music I can connect with the meaning, but some are given a pass. I usually want immense talent to impress me despite lacking in any emotion. The Black Dahlia Murder flawlessly executes every aspect of crafting a record above most artists in the metal scene. Everything from their instrumentation, unique screams, brilliant lyrics, and some of the most beautiful album artwork I have seen.

#1: Slipknot

Initially, I did not like Slipknot. Psychosocial did not sell me, so I avoided the masked Iowa natives for years. After a lot of new circling about the band’s album .5 The Gray Chapter got my attention. I decided to look them up on YouTube and found People = Shit then my life had changed forever.

After reading all of Corey Taylor’s books, listening to all of their music, and seeing their incredible live performances on YouTube turned me from a naysayer into a maggot. I now know why they are the most influential band in the past twenty years.

What artists made the biggest impact on your life? Comment below your favorites, I would love to read what you have to say.

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3 thoughts on “7 Bands That Changed My Life”

  1. ADTR, Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed are easily some of my favorites as well. I was turned away from Slipknot for years too, but have since changed my mind, mostly because I really like Corey Taylor’s voice. But with that being said, David Draiman is one of the best metal vocalist out there, in my opinion.


  2. Hey Mate excellent insight

    To me music has many different aspects that feed the soul ” I listen to variety of different variations. Depending on what I need to feel complete and overflowing with ecstasy ,essence of euphoria.

    WHEN I AWAKEN THE APEX : Twisted Metal
    I always listen to Kapa O Pango Nothing like feeling 1000 anquish warriors coursing through Your Veins!!!!

    – Disturbed , Metallica, Amaranthe , Bjorn Strid SRVVRS Any Given Day , LP, Halestorm , Doro , Fallen Dreams , Rise Against, S7ven

    When I am focusing or need to escape to chillaxing Oasis : Deep Natural House , Celtic , Chillout Armin Van Buuren , Magic Club mixes.

    LIKE I said Music serves many different purposes without it the Soul would be empty void missing the key element to prosperity overflowing energy of Life .




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