4 Possible Futures For Spider-Man in Phase Four

Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home

The latest adventure with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his friends was a fun ride that seemingly ended on a positive Hollywood conclusion until you sit long enough to the first after-credits scene. Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) frames Spidey for his murder, the killing citizens in London, and reveals his identity. Now my brain is going all over the place about what could possibly happen in the future when Marvel takes us into the next phase.

#4: Sinister Six 

No, I will never stop talking about a Sinister Six story in the MCU, especially since Sony still plans to do one in its disaster of a universe that does not have an established Spider-Man. My previous theory has changed due to this twist that will change the entire future of Holland’s run as the neighborhood friendly superhero.

Image via Marvel Comics

Some characters are already established to set this ultimate fight for Spider-Man in a future movie. Mac Gargan/Scorpion (Michael Mando) was shown in the after-credit scene for Homecoming, which establishes an additional character who often takes part in the sextet of villains. While Vulture (Michael Keaton) seems to take a step back away from the criminal life by not giving away Peter’s identity, he can come back in some capacity. He would have the opportunity to introduce future Scorpion to Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine).

Someone who is not an established supervillain with a brief appearance was Aaron Davis/Prowler (Donald Glover). Aaron was just a smalltime criminal but could be introduced as one of Scorpion’s outside men that he mentions to Vulture. While Prowler is not usually thought of as a member of this group of sinister minds, he has had a history, which should not stop Marvel from being creative by adding never before seen members to the crew.

Mysterio might be dead, but the master of deception could find a way to pop back up. Even if he died, I am sure some technology could bring him back, mostly because Gyllenhaal’s performance is too good to pass up on future opportunities.

Counting on the ex-Stark employee is actually dead, some spots need to be filled to complete the Sinister Six. Scorpion knows people on the outside which could introduce plenty of new faces into the MCU like Rhino, Doc Ock, or one of the Osbornes for a new take on the Green Goblin.

#3: Fugitive Spider-Man

Marvel is taking some twists on familiar territory with one of their most iconic characters. Peter is set as the new Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) without being the new Iron Man at the same time in Far From Home. Him getting framed for murder seems reminiscent to Captain America (Chris Evans) turning from a hero into criminal in the eyes of the government. The next adventure with the stickiest crimefighter could be similar to The Winter Soldier or Civil War as he deals with politics and runs away from the law.

#2: Leading a Team of Avengers

I am not looking towards the whole team, but I do see Spider-Man needing help with this new obstacle. Leaning on some of his superpowered friends could come in handy, especially if any other unwanted threats come sniffing around.

Image via Marvel Studios/Sony/Columbia Pictures

#1: Never Clearing His Name

Like how Captain America never got to bury the hatchet with the government, the web-slinger may never recover from Mysterio’s fail-safe.  When a world-ending threat comes to Earth, or some neighborhood-level criminals come knocking, he will crawl out of his hiding hole to defend New York or the planet. Since his comic narrative arcs consist of some of the bleakest stories in Marvel’s catalog, this could be a way to lean into his darker side.

Who knows if any of these will be right, but Marvel has a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which might give fans an idea for the future of the MCU. What are your theories on Spider-Man’s future? Be sure to discuss it all in the comments.

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Header image via Marvel Studios/Sony/Columbia Pictures


7 thoughts on “4 Possible Futures For Spider-Man in Phase Four”

  1. Interesting Tristan

    Are they going to incorporate carnage into the story somewhere as well I would like to see Eddie Brock aka Venom team up with webhead to take carnage out !

    Whats your thoughts

    And did you go see Godzilla King of the Monsters ?

    What was your take away!




  2. I will check it out ” What do you think of upcoming new modern 21 century version of Masters of the Universe coming out in December ?

    For me it brings me back to being a kid when cartoons rocked and kids actually knew what it was like to play outside and get muddy .

    I cannot wait to see it the excitement is overwhelming.




    1. I have not looked into it at all, but I will have to keep an eye out on any information. I was into it as a kid but has been long forgotten as an adult. I will surely keep an open mind as we get closer to the release date.

      Liked by 1 person

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