Ranking Every The Ghost Inside Album From Worst to Best

July 13, this past Saturday was The Ghost Inside’s first show in four years since their bus accident. To celebrate one of my favorite bands having a comeback concert, I thought it would be perfect to reflect on all of their material. TGI is one of the few bands to have nothing but hits, so this will be more like a ranking from good to excellence.

#4: Fury and the Fallen Ones (2008)

The LA-based group released a strong debut record. Out of the four albums, this is by far the heaviest. Shiner and Faith or Forgiveness are memorable tracks that shine just as bright 11 years later.

The main issue that puts the first album on the bottom is Smoke and Signal Fires which comes off as a filler instrumental track that offers no substance. Outside of this, the 11 other tracks are standout hits.

Buy: Fury And The Fallen Ones by The Ghost Inside

#3: Returners (2010)

The sophomore album from The Ghost Inside steps up their game. An evolution occurs that keeps the old sound while feeling like they have matured as musicians. Tracks like Chrono, Between the Lines, and Greater Distance stand out as some of the most powerful creations from the five-piece California natives.

Coming off of Fury and the Fallen Ones, Returners has a similar issue with the outro of the closing track, Truth and Temper. It has an overly long instrumental outro that feels unnecessary without any interesting riffs or breakdowns to keep it alive.

Buy: Returners by The Ghost Inside

#2: Dear Youth (2014)

The last album before the accident struck the perfect balance of experimenting with new sounds and keeping the same ingredients in the recipe. Avalanche holds together as the best introductory track to any of their releases by slowly building up into an energetic monster. From there it becomes difficult to choose some of the highlights with Out of Control, Mercy, and Move Me standing tall and mighty.

Buy: Dear Youth by The Ghost Inside

#1: Get What You Give (2012)

An album that introduces you into one of your favorite bands often takes the cake as the best. This is the case for Get What You Give. Engine 45 inspired a tattoo on my body that I will carry forever as a straight edge metalhead. White Light is the groups most emotional track as vocalist Jonathan Vigil discusses his brother’s death. Face Value and Deceiver balance out the melodic songs with their relentless heaviness.

Buy: Get What You Give by The Ghost Inside

That is how I look back on each The Ghost Inside record. What about you? How would you rank each of these albums?

Be sure to click the links to buy their records and merch to support the band as they are not touring right now. You can also go to Epitaph Records to buy their merch and music.

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Images via Epitaph Records/Mediaskare


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