Interview: Sebastian of Stereo Off

Competition is rough in the music industry, what is your band doing to grow and continue to reach for success? 

Indeed, it’s easier for bands to get seen, thanks to ease of access to music, but it also means it’s a more crowded marketplace. Most of our growth outside our hometown has of course been online and images, videos, and shows are more important than just shoving some logo at people. It’s a lot of work but also just making art and music is an excuse to reach out and connect with fans or even those that just like the same art we appreciate.  

If someone goes to one of your concerts, what do you think they should know going in? 

Be ready to dance, be ready to have a great time. Some bands are more chill when playing live, we are the opposite.  Not really ones to play songs as you hear them on the EP’s for instance, we’ll have guest musicians or alternate live versions on some songs.   

What is your dream tour or festival?  

One that would take our music to audiences new and eager to hear it.  Remote parts of the world.  Sure one of the big-name festivals would be nice too, but the dream would be to take it to a different level than that.  Soundtrack for space exploration perhaps. 

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would you choose?  

We think the best album we could make right now would be produced by a duo of Lifelike, one of our favorite DJs/remixers, and… Ric Ocasek, from The Cars. Instant classic and we love their sounds.  

Out of every concert you have been to, who are the best live bands? 

Survey of the band says top 5 are Camper Van Bethoven, Mogwai, Muse, Leo Coltrane and Roosevelt. 

Who are some of your biggest influences? 

People out at night. Hot summers. All the 80s and 90s bands you can tell we love, our previous bass player was trained by Chris from Blondie. We mean like, going to Don Hills downtown and just dancing, and then all the cinema and film worlds we watch and inhabit.  

When did you first start playing music and how did that come together to lead you to where you are today? 

We’ve all been in a few bands prior, separately but have been friends for a long time. Niall was on the UK rock scene while Sebastian made hiphop for years, and Bridget was playing classical on the Lincoln Center circuit. When we got together, Sebastian started some electro-rock tunes and was looking for a guitar player. Niall was into it and collaborated to add riffs and songs, so Bridget jumped in on keys and added violin. Early on, we were a 5 piece band with other players but we paired it down to us three, who really have the passion for this band. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year for the band? 

New LP out by 2020 

Keep up with the band to catch their upcoming full-length album on their website.

Thank you to Sebastian for his time and Rogue PR for setting up the interview.

Image provided by Stereo Off/Rogue PR


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