Song Impression: Erra – Eye of God

A new single from one of the most underrated bands around, Erra. Eye of God gives me a variety of positive and negative emotions. I harbor some fear that the group has stagnated due to its close similarity to their last album Neon. Then I have joy because I am too happy about a new song along with hope that things will be different since some elements creep in and out that has a different flavor than the quintet’s last two efforts.

Starting off strong with technical instrumentation, especially from guitarists Jesse Cash and Sean Price, along with vocalist JT Cavey bringing out some high screams, the first time since his debut with the band. After dying down for a second, a fierce attack comes with every member going in aggressively fast.

Cash coming in with his cleans as everything dies off to have his vocals take the stage. Light beats from drummer Alex Ballew and bass action from Conor Hesse along with a touch of an electric atmosphere highlights the beauty after a chaotic opening.

Then what I think Erra does best comes in as Cavey and Cash exchange back and forth vocals as the rest of the group continue to play fiercely while keeping with the technicality of their superb skills. The widely different vocals complement one another and have great chemistry throughout.

The next time Cash has some alone time the instrumentation from before becomes more pronounced. Nothing feels the same with each new chapter in the three and a half minute single.

Initially, I had a sour taste in my mouth from it sounding too similar to the last two records. Now I can hear a lot more progression since last night when the group unleashed Eye of God. I still think Cavey needs to show more of his range and the tone of the guitar work needs to differ more from Neon. Despite those issues, I am on board for what’s to come next.

What do you think of the new song? Give me your thoughts in the comments.

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Image via Sumerian Records


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