What We Know: Remnant: From the Ashes

The coop looter shooter Remnant: From the Ashes is on its way to the hands of gamers everywhere. Once I saw it at E3, I was blown away with its Left 4 Dead vibes mixed with gear-driven games like Borderlands. The wait is almost over, so let’s get you informed before spending your hard-earned money.


An apocalyptic world where humanity has been almost entirely wiped out by nightmare-inducing monsters. It is up to you, and two others if you want, to survive, scavenge, and kill anything in your path.


Three classes can be chosen depending on your playstyle.

#1: Scrapper – Your tank option that gets close to the enemies for serious damage. With the Hot Shot, mod enemies can be ignited into flames.

#2: Hunter – Distance is the hunter’s best friend. A sniper based class who has a mod to let friends see through walls for upcoming enemies.

#3: Ex-Cultist – The general class that has universal power. For those of you who want to support and heal the team, then this is for you.


With the loot you find, a lot can be added to get you through this dangerous world. Trait Ranks goes up to put points into skill trees for new abilities.

Mods will go into a weapon’s slot to give it that edge during tough battles. Igniting enemies, better stats, and ricocheting bullets are only some of the many upgrades that can be found.

Building yourself up will be important as the game emphasizes its difficulty. Playing alone will be an even bigger challenge, so having one or two friends will be just as useful as powerful gear.

The World

Four dynamically generated areas can be explored for events, gear, and insanely difficult bosses. Earth, Corsus, Yaesha, and Rhom will all have plenty to look around with each playthrough being different for extra replayability.

Ward 13 will be the hub world for safety. You can interact with others and gather supplies.


Coming Aug. 20 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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