What We Know: The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

Supermassive Games had a knock out hit with its 2015 PlayStation exclusive, Until Dawn. Returning to the roots of making a horror game that is all about choices comes The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, an anthology series that will have plenty more games under the Dark Pictures umbrella. The first chapter is coming, so prepare for a nightmarish experience.

What is it?

Each game released will be a relatively short experience full of choices similar to Until Dawn. The individual entries will have a different theme and tackle various tropes within the genre while maintaining the same mechanics. The chapters coming will all be developed by new teams to ensure a steady release.

Man of Medan takes place where five friends gather on a boat to have some fun. Suddenly, the party ended as an evil force hunts them down and they must survive.


Playing solo or with one other person will playout similarly to the British developer’s 2015 hit. As things happen in the story, you will switch between each protagonist. Dialogue and actions will be up to the player as they try to survive. Every decision leads to a consequence, both positive or deadly.

Release Plan

Each standalone within the anthology series will come every year. The plan is to release two titles per year.

Man of Medan will arrive Aug. 20 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Image via Supermassive Games


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