What We Know: Control

Remedy Entertainment has established a name for itself with trippy shooters like Alan Wake and Quantum Break. You bet that they are delivering that experience with new tricks in the upcoming project called Control.


Jesse Faden has gone up in her position within the Federal Bureau of Control since her predecessor Trench has gone missing. She must investigate while facing plenty of weirdness in this world, supernatural threat called the Hiss, and figuring out the shady business of the FBC.


Your only weapon is an FBC issues pistol, except it has the ability to be upgraded to go beyond a basic semi-automatic handgun. Altering the gun into a crossbow to a magnum are just some of the possibilities.


While this is a linear story, some roads open up for exploration and other activities. Side missions will become available if you look hard enough. Like any game that has some open environments, finding additional gear will certainly help in this hostel world.

Powers and abilities take the combat up a few notches. The most significant comes from throwing objects with telekinetic powers along with more will give you the edge that is needed.

Control is heavily focused on killing, but that is not the only thing to do. Puzzles will challenge and reward players when they are not shooting anything in their path. Platforming will also be included for an obstacle that does not get solved by a bullet in the head.

Art Style

The artistic direction is an important aspect here. Brutalism, the most metal name for an art style, that involves repetitive straight lines to make the architecture look clean and perpendicular. Not only will this make how buildings within the bureau, but even how the color scheme and character designs are created.


Release Date

Control comes out Aug. 27 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $59.99.

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Image via Remedy Entertainment



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