Song Impression: A Day to Remember – Degenerates

Only a few bands hit me the way A Day to Remember hits as they have been one of my favorite bands for close to ten years at this point. Bringing pop-punk and metalcore into one group should not work, yet it does. These Florida boys bring out the pop in pop-punk in all of its glory with the first song since their 2016 effort Bad Vibrations.

Lead singer Jeremy McKinnon has his moment in the spotlight to kick things off. He sets the tone that this will not be one of the band’s heavier tracks, but a catchy tune that will surely be cemented into my brain for the next few months. Beats and clapping give this an extra poppy flavor before drummer Alex Shelnut bashes in followed by the rest of the band to blast off.

After a hard-driving introduction for the rest of the guys, things take a step back. Shelnut and bassist Josh Woodard deliver some groove as McKinnon sings the first verse. Before the pre-chorus, guitarists Neil Westfall and Kevin Skaff enter with some heavy riffs. Often times the chorus is set as the piece to get stuck in the heads of fans, but every second is as catchy as the last.

The beginning with clapping and subtly place electric beats comes together again for the pre-chorus leading into a sing-along chorus full of prideful instrumentation from every member. McKinnon takes his time to sing with confidence in this grand moment.

Everyone becomes subdued as they play during a significant build-up in the bridge. McKinnon leads the charge that goes into a heavy breakdown. Their hardcore roots start to show in this brief part that is suited to start headbanging before the bold climax as they end with the final chorus.

Degenerates blend new and familiar flavors that any fan would expect. The pre-chorus is certainly different while the rest is an evolution from the past two records. A Day to Remember never disappoint and now I am desperately waiting for a new album announcement.

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Image via A Day to Remember/YouTube


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