What We Know: Blair Witch

Microsoft has declined in its exclusive quality, but Blair Witch can turn things around for the studio on that front. The found-footage horror title looks horrifying with its Outlast styled gameplay with far trippier supernatural elements. Developed by Bloober Team are the minds behind Layers of Fear, so it is expected that things in the Blair Witch game will get bizarre, to say the least.


Set two years after the original movie, Ellis, an ex-police officer, goes into the forest with his dog named Bullet, who certainly looks like one good boy, to find a missing boy named Peter Shannon. The rest is no surprise as haunting spirits come after Ellis that takes this mysterious case into a nightmarish experience.


Imagine if Outlast, Alan Wake, and Layers of Fear all blended together into a terrifying smoothie, that will be the gameplay of Blair Witch. That means this is a found-footage game that utilizes a flashlight as a weapon. Unlike Remedy Entertainment’s third-person action title, a gun will not be used against any creatures or spirits. The light will frighten away any enemies, so you run and hide Outlast style.

Choices will be essential to lead to various scenarios and possibly multiple endings. Not a lot is known about the gameplay, especially this aspect of how things will play out.

The doggo companion will help survey the area, but again, it is unclear what the dog can do entirely. Either way, giving some pets to a good boy will help cope with the overwhelming fear.

Release Date

Blair Witch arrives Aug. 30 on Xbox One and PC for $29.99.

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Image via Bloober Team


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