8 Most Satisfying Headshots in Video Games

The ingredient for great gun mechanics in video games comes from the sound and overall feel of its impact. Headshots, in particular, are beyond satisfying as you get that one shot kill that gets signified with a ping, splat, or pop. I wondered which are the best of headshots, and these are what I came up with.

#8: Halo

No exploding head or any else that is violent in Halo. The first game in the series does have something which is its ragdoll as you snipe another player’s face. The spinning animation is a classic that makes this series special when getting that one perfect shot.

#7: The Last of Us

Naughty Dog not only delivered an emotionally exhausting story, but it also had the gameplay to back it up. While punches and shooting any part of the body had the right thud or juicy sound of flesh, its headshots were particularly enjoyable. It came mostly from the sound which was equal parts disgusting, violent, and dopamine inducing.

#6: Killing Floor

As Valve refuses to make games, especially a third entry to Left 4 Dead, Tripwire Interactive made the cooperative zombie-killing experience that I was craving. Blowing apart heads is gratifying, but doing it in slow motion makes it far better.

#5: Destiny

I can go on about the problems of the Destiny games, but the gunplay is superb. Handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles all have that weight and power to make up for the weaker elements. Exploding heads of enemies may not be too violent for this rated T sci-fi shooter, but it still manages to be just as delightful as the goriest of games in the genre.

#4: Sniper Elite

Sniping in any game is a popular choice of weaponry. It often highlights the brutality of the combat mechanics, and Sniper Elite is that in one experience.

X-rays and slow motion camera work make every bullet jaw-droppingly violent. Seeing teeth turn to shrapnel inside of someone’s skull, eyes bursting, and brains turning to goop never gets old for morbid players wanting realism and brutality.

#3: Fallout 3 

Fallout 3 marked the first FPS in the series. The new take on the titles that have been around since the late 90s took a turn which granted a new bloody experience. Blowing off limbs was one thing, but head explosions were another. Bethesda made these apocalyptic games its own with modern RPG mechanics and a combat system that holds up today.

#2: Resident Evil 4

Another sharp turn for a franchise came from Resident Evil 4. The undead shooter turned from fixed camera angels to the modern landscape of gaming with its over the shoulder perspective. Popping heads was not only satisfying but dangerous as infected villagers could have something to surprise players.

#1: Gears of War

The first game to shock me with its violence was Gears of War. Chainsawing through the locus army was enough to make anyone want to live out their Leatherface fantasies, but this went a step above. Headshot galore should be the nickname for the Xbox exclusive as most weapons can pop heads easily. The sound effects and gore make it impossible to outgun this sci-fi shooter.

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