5 Spider-Man Villains Who Have Not Appeared on the Big Screen

Sony and Disney kissed and made up, allowing for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to come back into Marvel’s skyscraper tall franchise. This good news opens up many possibilities for the future for the closing film in his trilogy along with any opportunities that arise in both Sony’s spider-verse and the MCU. Plenty of foes have not had a chance to face the web-slinger, maybe Marvel Studios boss Kevin Fiege and director Jon Watts should consider some of these adversaries.

#5: Kraven the Hunter

Not only does Watts, the director for Holland’s standalone adventures in the MCU wants Kraven, it makes the most sense due to the direction that the iconic hero is heading after the events of Far From Home. His identity revealed and taken the hit for the death of Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. The door is open for someone to hunt the spider, that is Kraven.

A world renown hunter of big game may want to set his eyes on an Avenger who depicts himself as an arachnid who fights crime. His skills in hand to hand combat along with a potion that grants him faster speed and greater strength will make for a worthy foe for Peter.

The route Marvel has taken with this iteration of Spider-Man has focused on his more grounded enemies, so Kraven would work with the established bubble for the teenage superhero.

Image via Marvel Comics

#4: Mister Negative

I have no theory on how he can fit into Spider-Man’s current arc and he sets himself apart from the more tech savvy opponents that the wall-crawler has faced so far, but Mister Negative would make for something refreshing for fans.

Martin Lee can deal significant damage from both a power and emotional perspective. His work at the soup kitchen F.E.A.S.T. that Aunt May attends would web together his connection to Peter. Plus the man has powers of negative energy blasts and can control people to serve his will.

A complex character with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona that would be unlike any other villain shown in the MCU so far. His big appearance that gave him so much notoriety was Insomniac’s PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man, giving proof to a large audience that he is a force to fear.

#3: Scorpion

Mac Gargan was shown talking to Vulture (Michael Keaton) at the end of Homecoming, so we just need his suit and a release or escape from prison to set him loose on Spider-Man.

His insanity from the experiment that turns him from a criminal into super levels of evil will give a great task for Peter to conquer. He would be a more sinister threat unlike the sympathetic Vulture or manipulative Mysterio.

In case a Sinister Six movie gets made, adding Scorpion would be a smart choice as he is a classic member of the clan of enemies who want revenge on the hero who webbed them up and flung them into confinement.

#2: Morbius

Jared Leto is set to play the vampire next year in Sony’s universe, if he is allowed to crossover onto Marvel’s turf then a possible story can emerge. Having his own standalone would help flesh him out as a character then bring him in to face his warm-blooded rival.

The ultimate face off, if Holland continues in Marvel movies, would to have Blade (Mahershala Ali) to team up with Spider-Man to defeat this bloodsucker. The casting of Ali has the vampire slayer in the fifth phase of the MCU gives both Holland and Leto enough time before diving into an all out battle. Fiege has previously discussed, and proven, that the MCU will focus on collaborations between its heroes, making it possible for Ali and Holland to form that relationship to face a common enemy.

Image via Marvel Comics

#1: Screwball

Watts, whoever is hired to write the third movie, and the people at Marvel Studios can come up with a less goofy way to introduce Screwball, a live streaming antagonist. A mysterious character who parodies our modern world while misusing technology for an immoral agenda. Vulture and Mysterio seemed too weird to put onto the big screen, yet were turned into compelling foes for Spider-Man, so can someone who is a Twitch streamer.

Image via Marvel Comics

Who would you like to see appear in future Spider-Man movies? Comment your dream choices and maybe we can get our wishes granted.

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