6 Rock and Metal Songs/Albums Based on Horror Movies

Metal and rock music mixes perfectly with the spirit of Halloween. The shocking genres match the levels from horror movies. Bands often gain inspiration from the spookiest or bloodiest of films. If you are a metalhead trying to get into the mood this Oct. then this list will set you up perfectly for the rest of the month.

#6: The Black Dahlia Murder – Raped in Hatred by Vines of Thorn

Vocalist Trevor Strnad got into horror from Evil Dead then got into metal due to horrifying album covers. In classic fashion from the Michigan natives, Strnad focuses less on the brutal side of the horror-comedy film, but on the weirder, and more disturbing aspect. His perspective hones in on a tree raping a woman and turning her and controlling her mind to kill her boyfriend and friends.

#5: Deceased – Elly’s Dementia 

Few bands scream horror like Deceased. The underground death thrash metal group’s addiction to movies that will leave you wide awake at night is highlighted from the final track from the album Supernatural Addiction which takes inspiration from the classic found footage flick, The Blair Witch Project.

#4: Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream

The metalcore outfit’s latest release is an anthology of various horror flicks from American Nightmare, based on Wes Craven’s masterpiece Nightmare on Elm Street, to adapting from the 1984 cult classic Silent Night, Deadly Night with the song Merry Axe-Mas. There is something for everyone on this diverse record full of killers and monsters.

#3: Rammstein – Engel

Taking inspiration from the vampire queen dance scene, Rammstein take their own interpretation with this track. It is everything you would expect from this odd German group with an added scary ingredient.

#2: Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

Of course Rob Zombie has a song based on a horror film, the guy directs his own creations and has made a name for himself by his theatrics. Living Dead Girl takes inspiration from a French film called La Morte Vivante. Now time to check out this track and movie.

#1: Deicide – Dead By Dawn

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead guided many bands towards writing terrifyingly brutal music, especially Deicide. You know you are starting your career off right as some of the first pioneers of a gruesome genre when you write a song on a movie where people get dismembered and possessed by demons.

I know I missed a lot with a list of six songs, so what horror based tracks will you be listening to when getting ready for Halloween?

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