6 Must-See Classic Slasher Movies

Blood and gore thrives in the extremes for horror. Each decade the boundaries get pushed further as fans crave for more violence and filmmakers uncover more ways to dismember their cast. For anyone craving to see people get slaughtered this Halloween, then take a step back into the classics that kick-started this craze over brutal murder.

#6: Psycho (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock was dying down in success in the late 50’s until his 1960 hit Psycho. Not only did it change what it meant to create a thrilling, violent experience that will shock audiences, but it changed how audiences attend a theater. Now you are expected to sit through the entirety of a film and endure every sadistic idea that gets depicted on the big screen.

Plus, it is hard to find a more iconic killing than the shower scene.

#5: Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Wes Craven’s iconic killer Freddy Krueger goes into some terrible movies down the road, but the debut appearance of the dream stalker holds up nicely after 35 years later.

A brilliant premise that changes the pace for the genre that is known for slaughtering young people. We need sleep, and many people enjoy getting snuggled in their bed and getting lost in a dream after a long day. Making something so essential into a death sentence is horrifying for both 1984 and 2019 viewers.

#4: Scream (1996)

Craven has a great trail of corpses and blood, but as the genre started to go stale, he found a twist to revive the struggling form of horror. Scream takes itself as a serious horror flick while parodying the genre to give it some life after becoming oversaturated. It comes off a bit too cheesy at times, but it is a classic that ages well enough to enjoy as the masked killer strikes fear into the citizens of a small community.

#3: Halloween (1978)

A lot of the violence looks fake with some poor acting and clunky shots, but what Halloween gets right is its unsettling villain who stalks his prey. When reserved, John Carpenter’s masterpiece works well, despite being held down by some elements that do not work 41 years later.

#2: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

The level of gruesome murders that are shown on screen can give this flick the crown as the biggest influence. For today’s standards, it still manages to rival other films with its insane brutality. Leatherface and his cannibalistic family are some of the scariest killers in the killing business.

#1: Black Christmas (1974)

Unlike more in your face films like Chain Saw Massacre, Black Christmas takes a more methodical approach when trying to make its audience not sleep well for the foreseeable future. It is uncomfortable as the college girls are haunted by a mysterious man. Once it ends, you will be left in chills with its unforgettable ending.

For fans of Halloween, this is Carpenter’s biggest influence that lead to his massive hit. Now you have a bigger reason to go see this dark twist on the most joyful holiday.

I bet you are screaming at your computer or phone about something I missed. When you are feeling like watching people get slaughtered one by one, then which are your favorites?

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